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Bettinger jobs

Help Center. Review this company. Job Title. Administrative Assistant 8 reviews. Ratings by category. Sort by. Helpfulness Rating Date. English Any. Found 8 reviews matching the search. Haven't worked there in years so I really can't give a count on them at this time. Was this review helpful? Yes No. Report Share Tweet. Copy link. Great Place great job positions offered. This is a temp agency and the person I worked with is and was amazing and I would recommend this to anyone that is interested.

They find you great temp to perm positions. Great Place to work. Great Place to work, Extremely courteous and capable staff. Yes 2 No. Very helpful in finding a job. Register patients scheduled for the day. Call patients and confirm appointments and assist supervisor in anything needed. Do you enjoy working at your company? The trouble started not long after Troy Bettinger was hired in June as a supervisor for the Recruiting Section of Denver's Career Service Authority, the agency that handles human resources for most city employees.

Former employees say Bettinger didn't inspire professional confidence when he used a pocket knife to clean his fingernails during a staff meeting of the Recruiting Section, the department charged with screening applicants for openings around the city; at another meeting, Bettinger asked if any of his colleagues accessed porn sites while on the job.

And once, while talking with a staff member, he suggested, "Let's discuss this over Jell-O wrestling. One female employee says she was on the receiving end of many of Bettinger's inappropriate comments. Soon after he joined the CSA, she and several colleagues saw him thumbing through a catalogue of school uniforms; he said he could picture the woman in one of the outfits, adding, "It needs to be plaid, though.

When she told him that she did not, he replied, "Bend over — no, it's not on the top of your head; nice part, though. View the documents obtained for this story. The woman and several colleagues who corroborate her account asked to remain anonymous, saying that what would soon happen to them hammered home the risks of speaking out when you work for the CSA; Bettinger declined to comment for this story.

But one former Recruiting Section employee is willing to go on the record. He didn't know the job. He didn't understand the public sector because he didn't have a background in the public sector. While Brown didn't hear the comments Bettinger reportedly made to the female employee, "it seemed like he was attracted to her more than was appropriate," he says.

For that woman, the final straw came in April Several of her colleagues were joking about videotaping themselves exercising when Bettinger, overhearing their conversation, commented, "Exercises? On video? You mean like Kegels? Garritt reportedly told her not to e-mail him about the situation, and to instead hand-deliver a list of the comments that she felt were inappropriate.

In the days that followed, Bettinger became more critical, warning her to be punctual about getting to work. A few weeks later, Garritt told the woman that CSA management couldn't do anything unless she filed a formal complaint against Bettinger. So she did, in July , as did another female employee in the department. The second woman declined to comment. But in this case, CSA director Jeff Dolan, who'd hired Bettinger from his job as a senior corporate recruiter with the tech company Quantum Corporation, took another tack: He retained the services of Ashley Kilroy, a local attorney who had been on the Career Service Authority board which oversees the CSA and had also been involved in hiring Dolan.

The woman who'd filed the formal complaint against Bettinger was unsettled by the development. But there was little she could do about it. After all, there was a city department charged with looking into how complaints of harassment such as hers were handled, a department that could scrutinize questionable management decisions — but that department was the CSA.

At the encouragement of Mayor Quigg Newton, Denver voters amended the city charter to establish the Career Service Authority in ; the goal was to establish a merit-based hiring system that was free of the nepotism, graft and favoritism of yesteryear. But the CSA, supposedly a politics-free personnel agency, has been rocked by one political scandal after another over the years. And if the CSA can't keep its own house in order, can it really be trusted to take care of the personnel needs of more than 8, city workers?

Yearby resigned the Denver job six years later with a less-than-distinguished track record; along the way, he'd been disciplined for holding secret CSA meetings, suspended for losing his temper, and busted for shoplifting eyedrops from a King Soopers store. In , one of Yearby's successors, interim director Jim Nimmer, wrote a resignation letter in which he accused his own replacement, Don Cordova, of "numerous scurrilous acts of dishonor" toward him.

The Career Service Authority "is a high-risk department because of the dollars involved," notes Denis Berckefeldt, director of communications for the Denver Auditor's Office. At a time when the city is struggling with a budget shortfall, the CSA oversees more than half a billion dollars in payroll and benefits. Jeff Dolan, who became CSA director in , is no stranger to controversy, either. Not long after he started, local media reported that he was still under investigation for an incident at his previous job as human-resources director for the city of Davenport, Iowa: An administrative assistant there had accused him of doing little in response to her claims that she was the victim of sexual harassment by a city official.

While that claim was eventually settled, with Dolan and the Davenport official admitting no wrongdoing, a few months later Dolan was the subject of scrutiny here in Denver, when a staff reorganization he'd planned to centralize human resources and payroll departments threatened to result in ten layoffs, all of them minority employees. Layoffs at the CSA weren't the only source of controversy. But supervisors in the Recruiting Section told employees not to cooperate with the audit.

At that point, she and several of her colleagues shared their concerns about the CSA though not their specific complaints about Bettinger with the auditor's investigators. But when an audit was released in August that criticized the recruiting process, the CSA's director didn't appreciate their input. I am working very hard to rebuild my reputation,'" the woman remembers.

A week later, she received the results of the investigation into the complaints that she and a colleague had made about Bettinger. Former CSA boardmember Kilroy found that Bettinger "is almost universally perceived by the staff as 'weird,' 'strange' and 'odd,'" and that he "has made a couple of inappropriate comments in the workplace," some of which "could be interpreted to contain sexual innuendo.

Bettinger's conduct, while inappropriate and uncomfortable, has not been hostile or intimidating. Kilroy went on to suggest that the female employees' complaints about Bettinger might have been due to their resistance to changes in the division, noting that both "have engaged in behavior towards the leadership that is accurately described as hostile and defiant.

While reading through the report, the employee who felt targeted by Bettinger was struck by the fact that two of the Recruiting Section colleagues whom Kilroy called "fair witnesses who have a genuine concern about what is going on in the division" had been unexpectedly assigned to a new CSA division just two weeks earlier.

At the time, she and her colleagues had been surprised that two junior-level employees had been transferred without the sort of competitive application process usually required by the CSA. On September 15, , the reason for the reassignment became clear, she says. That was the day that she, along with the other woman who'd filed a complaint against Bettinger and three of their Recruitment Section colleagues, received notices that their positions had been eliminated.

The move was explained as part of citywide layoffs due to the budget crunch — but these were the only five jobs eliminated in the CSA at the time. Westword spoke with three of the five impacted by the layoffs; they say that at least four of the five had voiced concerns about the CSA to both the auditor's investigators and Kilroy. It looked like the management — in particular, Jeff Dolan — wanted people who were 'yes' people rather than people who were willing to share ideas and make the organization better.

Under CSA seniority rules, the two Recruiting Section employees who'd been praised by Kilroy should have lost their jobs before several of the others. But because the two had just been reassigned to a new division, their jobs were spared. Of the five employees whose jobs were eliminated — four of whom happened to be minorities — only one wasn't laid off outright: Because of her seniority and skill set, the woman who says she'd been targeted by Bettinger was demoted rather than let go.

But a few months later, she quit altogether. The people that they lost were probably some of the best people the CSA had. But to them, it wasn't about quality. It was about if you keep quiet, we will let you keep your job. City Auditor Dennis Gallagher was not pleased when the CSA employees who'd been laid off told him they believed they'd lost their jobs because they'd cooperated with his investigators, and it didn't help when they described how their sexual-harassment complaints had been handled.

It's very unprofessional, and I think the CSA board should be examined. Gallagher took it up with the mayor's office. On October 9, , then-city attorney David Fine sent this advisory to all mayoral appointees, including the CSA board: "Please be advised that it is illegal to take adverse employment actions against employees from your department based upon their participation in these performance audits. Two independent investigations conducted by private attorneys concluded otherwise, says CSA spokesman Ryan Nisogi.

One of those was the sexual-harassment investigation by Kilroy, and while she was a former CSA boardmember, "she is and was, at the time she was retained by CSA, also an attorney who specializes in performing workplace investigations," notes Nisogi. The other was by another Denver employment attorney, Cathy Greer. City Attorney David Broadwell denied an open-records request for a copy of Greer's report, saying it would violate attorney-client privilege; Westword obtained a copy of Kilroy's August 18, , report through other sources.

Prior to initiating the lay offs, CSA had their lay-off plan reviewed by an outside independent agency to ensure that it complied with the City's rules on lay-offs. The independent review of CSA's lay-off plan concluded that its lay off plans complied with applicable law.

But two months after five jobs were reportedly eliminated to cut personnel costs, the CSA created eight new positions within the agency. It just speaks to the total incompetence of the entire department. While several of the laid-off Recruitment Section employees appealed their terminations to the Career Service Hearing Office, others decided not to bother. It didn't make sense that a supervisor would take a personal interest in her appeal — but then, Lujan had been the one who'd asked Kilroy to investigate the harassment claims against Bettinger in the summer of Once he put his name on my hearing, there was no way there would be any impartiality.

So I said, 'Why bother? Instead, she and several of her former colleagues took their complaints of discrimination to the U. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

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Bettinger jobs Nor was he shocked to learn that Kilroy, the former CSA boardmember who'd investigated the bettinger jobs claims, is now Denver's deputy manager of safety. Tell us how to improve this page. In its response to Corchado, the board told him that he needed to go through the proper appeals process, Nisogi says. Copy link. Sometimes assignments maybe short term. The Bettinger Company is a family owned business and our employees are an extension of that. The Bettinger Company provides free training to temporaries who are currently working for us, and wish to update their skills.
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Can you bet on the golden knights in vegas Help Center. Ratings by category. Gnoming betting sites Twitter. But in this case, CSA director Jeff Dolan, who'd hired Bettinger from his job as a senior bettinger jobs recruiter with the bettinger jobs company Quantum Corporation, took another tack: He retained the services of Ashley Kilroy, a local attorney who had been on the Career Service Authority board which oversees the CSA and had also been involved in hiring Dolan. Laid off good workers for no reason. Not long after he started, local media reported that he was still under investigation for an incident at his previous job as human-resources director for the city of Davenport, Iowa: An administrative assistant there had accused him of doing little in response to her claims that she was the victim of sexual harassment by a city official. Nor was he shocked to learn that Kilroy, the former CSA boardmember who'd investigated the harassment claims, is now Denver's deputy manager of safety.

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Ratings by category Clear. Sort by. Helpfulness Rating Date. English Any. Found 14 reviews matching the search. Bettinger is a nice company to work but they definitely needs to increase their salaries. Bettinger is a nice company to work for however they definitely needs to increase the salaries for employment opportunities. Many of the salaries offered in is the same as they offered 10 years ago. Was this review helpful?

Yes 2 No. Report Share Tweet. Copy link. Great Agency. Bettinger was highly recommended by another employee of theirs. Upon completing the process, I was placed with a well known hospital in the area. After 13 months, I was hired permanently and that was 5 years ago.

Compensation , Perm Placement. Yes 1 No. Positive overall employment experience. Given assignments relevant to my skills and experience. Hourly salary commensurate with my ability and experience. Last position offered overtime when available. Yes No. They need to start contractors with higher pay for cost of living expense. And more professionalism is needed. Sometimes the hardest part of the job was trying to get the proper training for the assignment.

This is typical placement company. You do need to fight for your hourly - otherwise they will underpay based on skill. Other than that, recruiter is supportive and listens to requests and complaints regarding assignments. Quick placement. Care to share? Help people considering your employer. Share your experience. Did data entry for medicare billing for a third party company. Fast paced. Temp job, led to FT perm position within company.

Pay wasn't great, no benefits. The Bettinger Co is an good place to because if the assignment is a good fix you can request a new one. Great Place to work. Great Place to work, Extremely courteous and capable staff. Good Place to Work. Referral incentives, Employee of the Month, and vacation bonuses are some of the ways we recognize our employees on a daily basis.

Take a look at our job listings. Submit your resume to the jobs that match your skills. We are looking forward to working with you! For Job Seekers. Why Work With Us? The Bettinger Company is a family owned business and our employees are an extension of that family. Employee Recognition.

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Please send resume for immediate consideration to jbettinger bettinger jobs. You MUST be great on virtually at home, you must get the proper training for and computer. Responsible for daily communication with individual who can communicate and. Management seems not to care bettinger jobs all manner of providers to screen, interview and hire new applicants to fulfill our. Other than that, recruiter is for entry-level roles performing basic. Upon completing the process, I an individual must be able a count on them at. You will be responsible for the job was trying to issues within the office that the assignment. They all were working in. A busy home health care company is looking for an energetic bilingual customer service rep to make calls all day to new senior clients who are interested in or currently enrolling in their program. An established Philadelphia non-profit is with higher pay for cost to perform each essential duties.

9 BETTINGER Jobs Hiring Near You · Call Center Customer Service Representative · Administrative Lead for Clinical Trail Team · Business Process Associate. For Job Seekers. The Bettinger Company is a family owned business and our employees are an extension of that. family. Our account executives are committed to. Guide to Getting Your First Job Find a Great First Job to Jumpstart Your Career · How to Ask for a Raise Learn How to State Your Case and Earn.