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Dung sites and lavatory pits were often in the immediate vicinity and contaminated the groundwater. The result was repeated outbreaks of epidemics, especially in and during the Thirty Years' War from to and in the years — For a long time, not only in the common population, but also in medical science, there was ignorance about the connection between faecal-contaminated drinking water and serious illnesses.

It was not until Filippo Pacini and John Snow realized in that the prevailing cholera was not spread by steaming miasms as previously assumed. But even decades later, the need for action with regard to clean water was vehemently denied in science. These pumps worked as a piston pump with a piston and a leather sleeve. They sucked in water from a depth of up to 8 meters. The performance was, depending on the depth, strength and endurance of the operator, between 10 and 40 liters per minute.

The Dillinger Cholera Cross in the north of the Dillinger Stadtpark corner of Merziger Strasse and Pachtener Strasse is a reminder of the severe cholera epidemic of Here was the quarantine line between Dillingen and Lachten.

In order to make use of the natural water pressure, the drilling took place near the Litermont. The drilling was not very successful. It was not until that a worthwhile water source was found on Dieffler Babelsberg. House lines were laid from This supplies the city center of Dillingen. The tower height is approx. The planning for the northern waterworks began in , the commissioning took place in the summer of There are two separate pure water chambers in the underground tank of the Heiligenberg waterworks.

In the Heiligenberg waterworks, the raw water groundwater is only deacidified. Here, the drinking water from the northern waterworks and the Heiligenberg waterworks is partially mixed. The Diefflen district is supplied via a raised tank using a natural gradient. The drinking water for the city of Dillingen is obtained in the Haienbachtal, Diefflen and Kondeler-Bachtal areas and fed into the city network. In Dillingen, the construction of an electrical supply network had already started in Leases received electric lighting in The company is a local energy supply company for electricity and natural gas as well as a water supplier with around 70 employees.

A commercial and a technical manager represent the company. The supervisory board consists of 14 members. At the "Schlachthof" transfer station, 35 kV are taken over, and kV at the "Leases" transfer station. From there, the electricity is fed into the 10 kV or 0. The upstream gas network operator is Creos Deutschland GmbH. The gas supply takes place via four gas transfer stations in the approx.

Since December the entire supply area has been supplied with H-quality natural gas. The volunteer fire department Dillingen maintains in the city and in Diefflen Fire stations. As early as the 18th century, Dillingen already had organized fire protection, which was under the supervision of the Dillinger rule in the old castle. After the 1st fire extinguishing company was founded in Saarlouis in , the 2nd fire extinguishing company was set up in Dillingen in In , the Dillingen municipal council decided to build a storage building to house the fire extinguishers.

Today's Dillingen volunteer fire brigade was founded in The company had around 50 members in Any extinguishing work was complicated before the turn of the century, as Dillingen had no central water supply at that time. A central water supply was set up in Dillingen in In Diefflen, the volunteer fire brigade was organized after the great village fire of The building was demolished when the area in front of the church was enlarged and a new fire station with a tower was built on the site of the old school in Wiesenstrasse.

Due to the conscription to the Wehrmacht in World War II , the number of crews in the Dillingen fire department fell sharply. There were service obligations from older men who were no longer fully operational. In a male youth group for the fire brigade was therefore formed. In , a female youth group was also set up in order to be able to continue the extinguishing activity. But soon the Dillingen fire brigade also had to put out fires caused by the attack in their own town: during the air raid on Dillingen in the night of September 1st to 2nd, , during which incendiary and high explosive bombs were dropped, several major fires occurred.

The year saw the heaviest fire fighting: numerous vehicles of the Dillingen fire brigade were destroyed in an air raid on Dillingen on August 27, As a result, fire fighting was only possible to a limited extent at Dillingen train station, where a terrible explosion was caused by a bomb being dropped on an ammunition train. At the end of the Second World War , the fire station in Saarstrasse was completely destroyed. Operational devices and equipment were no longer available.

In , the newly built fire station in Saarstrasse was ready to move into. It had been built in the same place as the previous building. In the organizational merging of the inner city and leasing districts was completed. The Dillingen pastor Philipp Schmitt dated the earliest written evidence of a publicly organized school system in Dillingen to the year A first modest schoolhouse was built by the parish in in the old parish garden of the parish of St.

Under the influence of the French revolutionary government , the parish school became a parish school from In the parts of Germany that remained Catholic, the enforcement of compulsory schooling , which has been increasingly demanded by advocates of education since the time of the Enlightenment, was extremely tough. With the annexation of Dillingen to the Kingdom of Prussia through the provisions of the Congress of Vienna , compulsory schooling was also introduced here and lessons, which had previously only taken place in winter, were extended to summer.

The teachers in Dillingen had to attend the teachers' seminar in the secularized Benedictine Abbey of St. Matthias in Trier , which the Trier cathedral capitular, cathedral pastor and city dean Viktor Josef Devora had set up in Johann church. In a school building was built on Stummstrasse. It existed until the Saar vote in and then became the seat of the Dillingen tax office. In the years — the Odilienschule with gym and teaching pool was built in the city center.

The first actual schoolhouse was built in leases in Before that, they had taught in a house on Mittelstrasse. Today's Pachten Roman School was built from to after the previous building built in was destroyed in the Second World War. A school was founded for Protestant students in and a separate building was erected in on Karcherstrasse. In a large class wing was built next to the Protestant school and a gymnasium was to be built in a second construction phase instead of the old building, but the project was discontinued.

The school was single-class until , when it had students. In , more than pupils were admitted to the school building on Wiesenstrasse, so that lessons even had to be given in converted stables. In , construction of a school building on Babelsberg began.

In it was expanded by six classes. The school was given the name "Primsschule". A second, larger sports hall was added to the building by In a secondary school was set up. Up until now, the high school students from Dillingen had to attend high school in Saarlouis. From , girls could also attend the grammar school. In a girls' high school was founded. A new Art Nouveau school building was moved into in in Merziger Strasse.

After the building was destroyed in the war by the explosion of an ammunition train in Dillingen train station on August 27, , a new high school with a large auditorium was built behind the Saardom from to , which also served as a municipal event hall until the Dillingen town hall was built. Between and the building was expanded to include a wing for high school students.

A state evening grammar school was established in and closed in Originally under the sponsorship of the municipality or city of Dillingen, the grammar school passed into the sponsorship of the Saarland after the Second World War and finally moved to the Saarlouis district in After the great "educational explosion" of the s, the Dillinger Gymnasium reached its maximum size in with 2, students.

At that time it was one of the largest grammar schools in Germany. In the grammar school took the name of the Alsatian theologian, musician, doctor and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Albert Schweitzer. More important students of the high school were the historian Edith Ennen , the writer and journalist Gustav Regulator and the American literary scholar at Central Connecticut State University , Lothar Kahn The Dillingen Middle School Kreisrealschule since was founded in From the s, vocational and commercial schools and from the district special school for people with learning disabilities were set up.

The elementary school of the Arbeiterwohlfahrt, which was a voluntary all-day school, was closed in the s. The building is used exclusively by the AWO special school for intellectual development. While the Kreisrealschule was reformed to become an Extended Realschule in the s and it was possible to obtain either the secondary school leaving certificate or the secondary school leaving certificate, the Hauptschule Odilienschule initially remained in its form and was phased out in the early s.

The building is now used for the Odilienschule elementary school. Users of adult education and advanced training and trainees in Dillingen companies and institutions are not included in this number. Almost teachers are employed at schools in Dillingen.

The city's expenditures for the city-owned primary schools and the youth traffic school amount to approximately two million euros in the budget for investments, maintenance and management. Many schools have their own development associations that are particularly involved in the social field.

The schools maintain contacts with partner schools across Europe. The adult education center in Dillingen was founded in The first director was Brunhilde Peter. Tailfumyr established the paper mill in He expanded the mill, which was made up of three handmade paper from to , to include a printer. Successful exhibitions and medals earned the mill recognition.

The war years after affected the mill operations. Austrian troops destroyed parts of the mill in In the 19th century, the mill and printing shop flourished under Jean Louis Piette , who took over the mill in , and his sons Louis Piette and Prosper Joseph Maria Piette. Wrapping, printing and writing paper as well as cardboard were produced. Prosper further developed the production process, for example by replacing the expensive rags with other raw materials.

In a patent was granted for a machine for making cardboard. Sales to Cologne took place with three of its own ships. The commemorative coin received in by the Association for the Promotion of Industry in Prussia and the gold medal presented at the Mainz trade exhibition in , as well as the fourth class eagle order awarded by the King of Prussia, documented the success of the Dillingen paper mill. After the company had been enlarged several times, the transition to machine production took place around The capital consisted of , Reichstalers.

The steam power came with a machine of hp. A patent for a knot cleaning machine was granted by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Public Works in A decline began in the middle of the 19th century, which led to the sale of the mill to J. The Piettes migrated. The mill owners accused the hut of spoiling the water that is essential for a paper mill. In the smelter bought the mill, which was being liquidated, and ceased operations.

KG since With almost employees, the family company has developed into one of the largest printing service providers in southwest Germany. The company operates a branch in Merzig. The library was opened on September 22, On February 11, , the facility was given rooms in a community-owned building on Johannesstrasse then Kaiser-Wilhelm-Strasse. When the Second World War broke out, the city gave away almost all of the Wehrmacht's books. The remaining stocks fell victim to the fighting in Dillingen.

After the war, on November 20, , a modest library with volumes was set up again in the old mayor's office. With the demolition of the old mayor's office on the market square in , the book collections came to the town hall today's Old Town Hall. Since the New Town Hall was built, the Dillingen City Library has been housed on the ground floor of the town hall as a public cultural institution serving the general public.

The inventory comprises 22, media. Employees were the Dillingen pastor Philipp Schmitt , the Lisdorf pastor and left-wing politician in the revolution of , as well as regional historian Johann Anton Joseph Hansen and the Niedaltdorf mayor Johannes Guittienne , member of the Prussian National Assembly in Their appearance had been interrupted again and again during the Second World War.

It only appeared again in In both newspapers were merged. During the Second World War the newspaper went under. In the same year, the pure advertisement and news bulletin was converted to the twice-weekly "Dillinger daily newspaper, official organ of the mayor's office in Dillingen" with an editorial section.

Nikolaus Fox — , the well-known folklorist from Saarland, has worked here as an editor since the s. The newspaper has appeared daily since Printing ceased during World War II. In the newspaper was merged with the "Saar-Zeitung" from Saarlouis and appeared until with its own local section in Dillingen. However, one can only speak of a functioning parish system in Dillingen in the early Middle Ages. As the first pastor known in writing in Dillingen, Philipp Schmitt mentions a clergyman named Gerardus who died in Among the patrons and tithe lords in Dillingen, the gentlemen von Siersberg appear first.

Knight Arnold von Siersberg donated his rights to the Mettlach Abbey on July 21, , which still presented a pastor for Dillingen in In the abbot of Wadgassen Abbey in Dillingen was Kollator and presumably occupied the parish of Dillingen with Wadgasser monks as pastors. But when, after , the Barons von Braubach followed the Lords of Siersberg in the rule of Dillingen, they acquired the right of collation of the Wadgassen Abbey in From this point on it was the respective Lords of Dillingen who appointed the pastors.

Today's Catholic deanery in Dillingen looks after around 60, Catholics in a total of 21 localities. It extends from Dillingen to Lebach approx. The deanery comprises 19 parish churches and 12 chapels. Since the 19 parishes have been combined in four parish communities: Dillingen, Nalbach, Schmelz and Lebach. The Dillingen dean's office was created in The first dean from to was Pastor Michael Held from Itzbach.

An official Jewish religious community existed in Dillingen between and Its origins go back to the 19th century. In only one Jewish family was granted right of residence, later it became a second family. Since the beginning of the 19th century and the emancipation of the Jews in the Kingdom of Prussia , to which Dillingen belonged from , further Jewish people moved in. In the Prussian Jewish edict of of March 11, , the Jews living in Prussia had become natives and Prussian citizens.

This edict is considered to be the first legal equality for Jews in Prussia. Thus the Jews living in Prussia were no longer viewed as foreigners and no longer differed from the other subjects in terms of constitutional law. The edict contained sensitive restrictions and was not valid in all parts of Prussia, so that no equal and uniform law was created.

In there were a total of 17 people who initially belonged to the Jewish community in Nalbach. In there were 37 and in there were 46 Jewish residents in Dillingen. Due to the strong economic boom in Dillingen at the beginning of the 20th century, the number of Jewish residents also increased: In the number of Jewish citizens of Dillingen had grown to people.

This corresponded to 1. The community belonged to the rabbinical district in Trier. The dead of the Jewish community were buried in the Jewish cemetery on the border of Diefflen. The Jewish residents living on leases also belonged to the Jewish community in Dillingen. Israel Brandler worked as a teacher and cantor. In addition to the leased Jewish residents, those from the former mother community of Nalbach now also belonged to the Dillingen community in , 3 Jewish citizens lived on leases and 11 Jewish people in Nalbach.

In March , Jewish people lived in Dillingen. After the annexation of the Saar area by the National Socialist German Reich in , the number fell very quickly due to forced emigration and emigration. November in Dillingen, although at that time only 14 Jews lived in the city.

During the night, NSDAP members broke into the apartment of the Alexander family, tore the woman out of bed and abused her in the presence of her children. After that, the children were chased out of the apartment naked. An old Jewish man, who had been given castor oil, was being herded down the Stummstrasse with a yell.

A Jewish woman who was hiding there was taken out of the old people's home in Lenten and dragged away. Her fate has so far remained unexplained. The Jewish cemetery in Diefflen was desecrated. The Dillingen musician and composer Siegfried Alkan should be mentioned in a more prominent position. On the night of November 10th, Alkan was attacked and mistreated at his home in Dillingen. His piano was thrown out of the window into the street and, like the other instruments in his music shop, vandalized.

Siegfried Alkan died on December 24, , persecuted and lonely in Mainz. Alkan , Auguste Levy b. Samuel , Belly Levy b. Koblenzer , Carla Samson b. Hoffmann , Jacob Werner Until , the Jews living in Dillingen visited the prayer room in the house of Herz Kahn in neighboring Diefflen.

Then one of the Jewish families in Dillingen set up a private prayer room in their house. In , the Dillingen Jewish community asked the authorities for permission to carry out a collection for the benefit of a synagogue. Financing has been a difficult problem for the community due to inflation and its aftermath. The sermon at the inauguration ceremony of the synagogue in April was given by Rabbi Dr.

Alexander, who later became a rabbi in Berlin-Gesundbrunnen. In , a neighboring property was acquired. At that time there was thought of an expansion of the synagogue in the foreseeable future. After Dillingen's annexation to Hitler's Germany in , the synagogue had to be closed and sold after the forcible departure of a large part of the community members.

Looted and set on fire November Initially, a demolition was intended, which was refrained from because of the endangerment of the neighboring houses. The fire brigade was only alerted when nothing more could be saved from the synagogue. A memorial stone for the destroyed synagogue was erected on November 9, on the initiative of the senior citizens' council of the city of Dillingen.

Century back when the first Jewish families lived in the Nalbacher Tal that is, especially in Diefflen. Already in a "Jud Meyer" was mentioned in Nalbach. In a Jew from Diefflen is named, who at that time had to move out of a Christian's house because of a violation of the Kurtrierian Jewish regulations.

Ten years later, in , a total of twelve Jewish families lived in the Nalbach Valley. At the beginning of the 19th century, in , there were 16 Jewish residents in Nalbach and 32 in Diefflen. By their number increased to 68 in Nalbach, only to decrease again afterwards through emigration and emigration.

After the synagogue in Nalbach was built in , the Jewish residents of Diefflen came to Nalbach to pray and worship. The Jewish families who moved to Dillingen in the course of the 19th century were also part of the Jewish community in Nalbach. In there were 33 Jewish residents in Nalbach, 20 in Diefflen and 37 in Dillingen. Around Moses Bonn was the head of the Diefflen-Nalbach community.

In the s this office was held by Moses Weiler, who lived in Diefflen. In June , 24 Jewish people were still living in Nalbach out of a total of 2, inhabitants and ten in Diefflen. Of these, a larger part was able to leave the place in the following years, partly to other places in Germany, partly abroad. During the November pogrom of , the remaining Jewish families were attacked and mistreated. On the way there I saw how they rounded up the Jews on the street and beat them The last Jewish residents were deported to the internment camp in Gurs in October Levy , Eugen Wolff , Ferdinand Wolff or ?

Wolff The Jewish families living in Nalbach and Diefflen used common facilities at times, especially after the synagogue in Nalbach was built. Around the year a prayer room was set up in a Jewish private house in Diefflen. In Nalbach, a dilapidated building served as a synagogue. Since the less well-off Jewish families Diefflens and Nalbach could not have built a synagogue on their own, they received financial support from Jewish families from Saarwellingen.

These gave the Nalbach community the money they still needed for the construction, interest-free for five years. Inaugurated October Shabbat Bereschit. The synagogue burned down on November 27, The synagogue was extensively renovated between and thanks to its own funds, including the amount of the fire insurance, and probably due to a loan and donations received from other communities. The synagogue was a longitudinal hall with a gable roof. The building had the relatively small dimensions of about 6.

The entrance facade was designed according to motifs of the Low German Renaissance architecture. In the church was renovated. Due to the decline in the number of Jewish community members during the Nazi era, the synagogue was sold in The most important ritual items have been removed. During the November pogrom in , the remaining furnishings in the synagogue were demolished.

For Muslims there is the Haci-Bayram prayer house on Gathmannstrasse. Despite heavy destruction in the Second World War such as the old Art Nouveau grammar school or the former imperial post office in the German neo-renaissance style Dillingen still has an astonishing density of late historical architecture often with Art Nouveau elements , some of which have been placed under monument protection.

The old Dillingen town hall , which was built between and , can be regarded as an impressive building from this era in addition to the historicist churches in Dillingen such as St. Johann and the "Saardom" in Dillingen, St.

Josef in Diefflen, St. Maximin in Leases. The slate-roofed town hall, built of red sandstone , is stylistically a mixture of Neo-Renaissance and Art Nouveau elements. It was designed by the architect Wilhelm Franz , who taught as a professor at the Technical University Berlin- Charlottenburg , but before that he had worked from to as a municipal building officer for the city of St. Johann Saar.

The representative main buttress with entrance staircase, balcony with bulging balcony console , council chamber windows and Zwerchhausgiebel with corner oriel is shifted to the right. A smaller risalit with a gable and a polygonal stand bay corresponds to it on the left side of the facade. The side fronts are also crowned with gables. In the middle of the facade rises on the high dormer decorated a roof structure roof turret with clock tower, arched gallery and tail hood with weather vane.

On the main gable emblazoned the eagle of the Kingdom of Prussia in gold mosaic, above the inscription " God with us ". Above it rise four life-size figures in front of a gold mosaic. Inside, two large-format wall paintings of the conference room reveal aspects of Dillingen's history.

The themes of the mural are: "The return of the Lords of Siersberg and Dillingen from the Belehungsfeier in Trier in " and "The old castle and the Dillinger hut in ". In terms of urban planning, the Dillingen town hall formed an urban center with a train station, high school, tax office, church, city park and various residential buildings until it was destroyed in the Second World War.

In the city administration moved to the neighboring larger New Town Hall. The old town hall houses the Dillingen police station. The sandstone facade of the residential and commercial building at Stummstrasse The house was built in by the building contractor Witsch, who owned his own quarries. The facade is symmetrically structured.

On the ground floor there is a shop window in the middle, to the right of it the shop entrance, to the left a passage from which the staircase separated by arcades allows access to the apartments. The tiled base of the passage is clad with friezes and individual ornaments in white, wine-red and olive-green tones. The sandstone front is structured by four pilaster strips , which are crowned by richly decorated posts that are cambered with the cornice and protrude over the edge of the roof.

They wear horned African masks with headdresses, which are framed by scrollwork. From their open mouths hang leaf-like ribbons that encircle pilaster strips covered with sticks. With the inner African masks, round medallions hang on a necklace, with the outer African masks, ball weights hang on chain straps.

Palm-like plumage rises at the foot of the pilaster strips. Balls rise above the African heads on the outside and ball-like urns with four retaining rings each on the inside. The originally colored lead-glazed windows fell victim to the Second World War. Numerous bullet holes from the Second World War can still be seen on the facade. Outside of the city center, Dillingen also shows Art Nouveau influences in the residential development.

A smaller residential building on Bismarckstrasse can be cited as an example. The house has a facade made of red sandstone in combination with yellow bricks. The main axis shifted to the left is brought forward like a risk. In it, the two windows, one on top of the other, with their parapets , posts, frames and roofs have grown together to form a coherent, upward-moving ornament.

This upward movement is followed and completed by the curved gable contour. While historicizing neo-renaissance elements are still in the lower window in a simplified Palladian motif with half balusters in the parapet as well as flat ears and wedge stones, a renaissance-like fitting ornament in a rectangular frame leads over to the upper round window. The upper half of this window forms a horseshoe-arched gable with a large-format sun relief.

The shape of the sandstone sun relief is accentuated by a border of radially arranged yellow clinker bricks. The base and tip of the pommel decorated gable are particularly emphasized by wing-like fans. The old Dillingen Castle goes back to a medieval foundation. Remnants of foundations and rising masonry suggest that it is a polygonal complex that was surrounded by watercourses. Around , under Wilhelm Marzloff von Braubach, it was redesigned into a renaissance castle , which was partially destroyed in the course of the Thirty Years' War.

The handicraft market and numerous concerts take place in the old castle of Dillingen every year. It is also possible to get married in the old castle. Due to the outbreak of the Franco-Prussian War in and disagreements between the community of Dillingen and the war club, the monument was not built.

Shortly before the First World War , on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the reign of Kaiser Wilhelm II , the Dillingen municipal council donated a fund of 10, marks for the construction of a war memorial, but the chaos of war and subsequent inflation and the global economic crisis from onwards ruined the plans a second time. It was only during the time of the League of Nations administration in the Saar region that a memorial building association was established in The construction was financed by the community of Dillingen, as well as donations and voluntary work done by citizens of Dillingen.

The foundation stone was laid on March 18, on the Dillinger Heiligenberg. The names of soldiers killed in the First World War from Dillinger were recorded on the side walls of the crypt. The crypt sarcophagus bore the inscription "He was faithful to death". A relief of soldiers marching east was attached to the front wall.

After the annexation of the Saarland to the Federal Republic of Germany, the reconstruction began on May 27, and the new memorial was inaugurated by Pastor Matthias Weiland on the "Day of German Unity" on June 17, The Nazi emblems on the ruins of the previous building had been removed.

The apocalyptic horsemen plague, war, famine and death are depicted on the right wall seen from the entrance. Opposite you can see Christ with scales and tablets of the law as well as a sunk, lamenting woman in front of the ruins of the war, who is comforted by an angel. In the restored crypt, the central wall was decorated with the mosaic of a grieving mother on a night war cemetery, who sank in pain behind her dead soldier's son.

The side walls show u. It is a modification of the seven letters of the biblical Apocalypse of John. In the last New Testament book in the situation of the persecution of Christians by the Roman emperors, the congregation in Smyrna, Asia Minor, is given the admonition: "Be faithful to death, and I will give you the crown of life. The site of the memorial had served as the place of execution for the Dillinger rule for centuries.

Here was the Dillinger gallows. The area was called Galgenberg. The executed people often remained dangling from the publicly accessible Gallows Hill for a long time and were left to rot, the weather or animals. The last of Dillingen's gallows was a frame made of eight posts with crossbeam connections. In addition, there is an old legend according to which a sunken nunnery should have been here. The Dillingen pastor Philipp Schmitt had erected a high cross at the site of the earlier executions in as the end of a way of the cross, thus turning the former gallows hill into a calvary.

During the construction of the memorial, the high cross was moved about 60 m. At the base of the cross there is a niche with a stone skull. According to the old legend, you should hear the nuns of the legendary Heiligenberg convent singing here. The inscription "It is finished" is carved into the stone above the skull niche.

The skull is said to symbolize the skull of Adam. The earthquake when Christ died on the cross made his skull visible. Due to the geographic location of the city, all phases of the Siegfried Line have left their mark on Dillingen and the surrounding area. Construction work on the Westwall began in the region on a small scale as early as , but on a large scale only from the beginning of June Ingbert to Lebach and on to the Saar near Dillingen. While hardly any fortifications were needed in the steep rock valley of the lower Saar , the Primstal from the Saar bank in Dillingen via Diefflen to Lebach was densely populated with bunkers and cusp lines and thus formed the deepest part of the entire west wall.

During a major Siegfried Line inspection of Adolf Hitler May , in the Hindenburg Tower near Berus, the plans for evacuating the Saarland civilian population in the event of war were presented to him and the width of the Red and Green Zone was laid down Dillingen, Lachten and Diefflen were assigned to the Reds Zone assigned.

On the In July Hitler inspected the Saarland Siegfried Line for the last time before the start of the war. On one of these inspection trips, Adolf Hitler also visited Dillingen. According to the position map of the Wehrmacht, there were a total of Siegfried Line systems in the Dillingen area, in an area 5. This was not just about combat systems in the narrower sense, but also ancillary systems.

In detail, the total number was made up as follows:. In addition, there are a few kilometers of barrel and tank trenches, roadblocks, and cannons and launchers and combat positions that were only set up shortly before or during the fighting at the end of Many of the above-mentioned Westwall systems are still preserved, most of which can also be viewed at least from the outside. The triptych from the early 16th century from the former furnishings of the chapel in Dillingen Castle is attributed to a previously unknown Dutch master.

In the art historical discussion, the name Lucas van Leyden was often suspected, but also doubted. Stylistic comparisons also make an origin from the workshop of Pieter Coecke van Aelst appear plausible. The theme of the middle altarpiece is the Adoration of the Three Magi. The left wing represents the Annunciation to Mary by the Archangel Gabriel, the right wing the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. The work was restored in the early s. At Christmas time it is publicly exhibited in the Saardom.

On the occasion of the th anniversary of the Dillingen district of Lenten , an international steel symposium took place in , which produced contemporary steel sculptures that are freely accessible between Dillingen and the Saar. Five works by five artists were produced in local companies, which were set up along the Saar and on an axis leading into the city center.

The year celebration of the city of Dillingen and its oldest district of Lenten was the occasion for an "International Steel Symposium", in which the artist created the duplication as a symbol of both districts. One of the counterparts consists of a bridge-like, curved, rectangular steel plate, on the side of which an attached, straight square rod of the same length leads diagonally upwards.

The other counterpart consists of a flat, rectangular steel plate, on the side of which an attached, equally long, curved square rod leads diagonally upwards. Similar things are combined here in pairs to form a unit. Set in the nature of the Saaraue on a rising embankment as floor sculptures, these elements act like bars or barriers. The title of the steel sculpture is derived from the Latin "Sanctuarium" consecrated place, sanctuary.

The "Dillinger cubic variation" sometimes incorrectly referred to as the "tubular variant" is a tube sculpture. For the floor sculpture in the Saaraue, the artist put eight individual tubular elements together to form a massive object that seems to move through nature like a caterpillar.

Another game is that the tube is bent in such a way that a cube appears to be created, which in turn - similar to a folded folding rule - is pulled apart and led in different directions. As an indication of the illusion and as a key to its dissolution, the artist has placed a ninth element next to it: a cylinder in the shape of a steel barrel.

Ancient symbols mix with mechanical and electronic fragments. My further concern is to create a social sculpture that children and adults can climb, which exists in harmony with nature, where rainwater and earth collect in cracks and hollows, grasses and plants start to grow and birds and other animals are attracted.

Two half-arches made of folded steel girders swing towards each other dynamically, powerfully and easily at the same time and form an asymmetrical arch - a symbol of the relationship between the city of Dillingen and its oldest district. Two smaller arches complement the large arch, they swing around its roots growing out of the ground. The three districts of Dillingen Diefflen, Pachten, Dillingen seem to symbolically hook one another.

In allusion to the Roman origins of leasing, the artist chose a Latin name for the steel sculpture of the triple arch: "Arcus triplex". Sculpture "Viewpoint" Richard Serra. Viewpoint, a steel sculpture 13 meters wide, 9 meters high and tons total weight, was opened to the public on March 25, The sculpture consists of six curved steel plates, three of which were joined together. Viewed from above, the steel plates form two circular arcs that are slightly spaced apart and can be walked on.

This stands on the highest part of the base, worked out as a pedestal, while vertical metal rods protrude from the other parts like stylized votive candles. The slim, calm and serene figure wears the stylized, body-hugging habit of a nun and holds an open Bible in her hands, symbolizing that the saint was of great piety and education.

Odilia was the founder and head of the first women's monastery in Alsace - Hohenburg Odilienberg. Dillingen probably belonged to this women's monastery as early as the 11th century. Until the 18th century, St. Odilia was the patroness of the oldest church in Dillingen. A figure of Odile belongs to the inventory of the Saardom.

The figure in the Saardom is a newly made copy of the original from the 18th century, which has been in the foyer of the Odile School since Erratic boulders, basalt and granite stones, radius 9. To liven up the pedestrian zone, the architect Peter Gergen composed a multifaceted fountain landscape. It is partly higher than street level, partly in several layers lower. Basins made of paving stones in flowing shapes, in which fountains gush, pour their water over irregular fields of piled basalt steles into the central basin.

Next to it rises a hill of piled boulders. From this, too, water gushes out. Similar to an amphitheater, wide stairs with rounded steps lead into the interior of the complex and invite you to sit and linger. In the middle of the round fountain basin, the squat-looking fountain column rises. At about a third of the height, attached lion heads spew the water as a thin stream into the pool. The capital of the column also serves as a pedestal for the statue of the god Mercury - a multiple enlargement of an ancient bronze statuette height In divine nudity, with a pronounced standing leg and free leg, the robe draped over his left shoulder and arm, the Roman god of trade and thieves holds a filled pouch in his right hand and wears the winged hat on his head as a further attribute.

Fountain with a granite ball weighing approx. The area and height of the fountain reacts to the then space situation. Carved out of the stone with a powerful differentiation, liveliness and balance that can almost be called baroque, the fountain column asserts itself as an independent sculpture even in the dry winter season. During the warm season the water comes out in many places and pours into the round basin in various ways as a trickle, fizz, jet or curtain. The round shapes of the fountain sculpture meet this requirement by alluding to rollers and pipes as typical products and a melting furnace as a classic workplace in the iron and steel works.

The leaden curtain closes the view into the interior of the ruin, while the traces of the historical fragments allow a seeming glimpse into the past. In the words of the artist: "The artistic means of covering something in order to make it visible again in a changed form, is effective here.

A large granite slab from the Black Forest measuring more than three by three meters, of considerable thickness and sloping downwards, is designed as a source stone and deepened with seven by seven hollows. The water rises at the top and runs down to the front and back. The water flows from one bowl to the other, " A counterpart to the source stone is a square of four by four granite seat stone sculptures.

Each of these stone cubes, with a similar basic shape, has an unmistakable individuality - also through the traces and signs that Schneider himself, his son Christoph and his son-in-law Thomas Wojciechowicz have dug into them, together with the initials of the children who work together gathered around the artists. Steel wire, each 4. The monumental, airy, transparent figures of two workers with elongated legs and undersized heads were created from bent and welded reinforcing iron.

In an encouraging gesture, one dynamic figure is fond of the other figure, whose severe tiredness is clearly expressed by the posture. Unknown artist, two facade paintings, , mosaic, colored ceramics, metal, approx. Two large facade paintings flank the entrance to the school, which was built in the years — under the headmaster Josef Spurk formerly Mayor of Diefflen as a Catholic elementary school and named in honor of the Dillingen city saint Odilienschule. Each mural is made up of a flat, irregularly delimited background, which is mosaicked from fragments of colored tiles, and sculptural figures, applied on top, formed from metal wire and sheet metal.

As a counterpart, the picture with the title "Agriculture" shows a woman with a jug on her head and a girl with a jug on her head in front of a rather closed background, which is composed mainly of yellow and blue fragments and includes a stylized tree with fruits Touched shoulder. A small bird has taken place on the girl's hand.

A stylized disk of the sun rises above the group. The two murals refer to the history of Dillingen, which was shaped by agriculture and industry. In a first overview followed, based on Lohmeyer's own field research. In addition, the local history researcher Aloys Lehnert in Diefflen - in Dillingen has dealt intensively with the stories of the Dillingen area. At the base of the high cross on the Heiligenberg there is a niche with a stone skull, the skull of Adam. This alludes to a medieval legend according to which the cross of Christ was erected on Adam's tomb.

At the Heiligenbergkreuz, according to the old legend, if you put your ear to the niche and listen carefully, you should still hear the pious chants of the nuns of the legendary Heiligenberg women's monastery, which, along with the old monastery, are said to have sunk deep in the mountain. A poor Dillinger shepherd once let his flock graze here. Suddenly a rock opened up on the mountain and a mysterious white-clad nun showed the shepherd inside the mountain rich treasures and let him take plenty of them for his seven starving children.

The nun had told him that he could come back if he were miserable again and his children were in dire need, but he had to keep strict silence about the miraculous experience. In response to his fervent and pious prayer, the mountain opened up to the shepherd several times. But when the curious wife of the shepherd secretly followed him on his way to the mountain entrance and the silence prescribed by the nun broke, the whole miraculous magic was over and as a punishment the distress returned to the little shepherd's house in Dillingen.

The legend tells that earlier at night in Dillingen Castle one would often hear piercing wailing sounds and bitter weeping. A light figure of a white woman floated over the castle courtyard and disappeared into one of the castle towers. This white woman was the spirit of the beautiful but faithless wife of the Dillinger knight.

She had often betrayed the knight in his absence. When the repeated adultery came to light, the angry Dillinger knight had his faithless wife walled up alive in one of the thick castle towers, where she then perished in her damp and dark dungeon. According to legend, a passionate fisherman indulged his passion here on a holy Good Friday , disregarding the holiday rest.

But the holiday molester was not without punishment. He didn't catch anything all Good Friday morning, but just at the hour of Jesus' death he noticed something in his lifting twine. When he had brought it up with difficulty, he was horrified to see an ominous man emerging from the water, who disappeared again shortly afterwards. But disregarding the divine warning, the fisherman threw his net again. Sundance Rose Bouquet. The Sundance Rose Bouquet employs a soft assortment of roses to create a sweet and stunning arrangement of cream white orange and pink roses.

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Also the rooms are very clean. The staff is very amable and nice, rooms very clean and have a great panorama. As a minus is the lack of services:there is no spa in hotel,no swimming pool, and no other relaxing oportunities. The food is very good. Date of stay: March Trip type: Traveled as a couple. SimonB wrote a review Feb Birmingham, United Kingdom 52 contributions 27 helpful votes.

Corporate Workshop at The Kolping. Held a corporate workshop at the Kolping Hotel over two days. Made arrangements with Claudiu from the hotel who was extremely helpful and obliging with any requests we had. The accommodation was very clean and comfortable. We had a nice meeting room with a balcony area which was great during breaks etc.

The staff at the hotel were very helpful and welcoming and I would highly recommend this as a meeting venue. I was fortunate enough to also have a room that faced to the front of the hotel and the views over Brasov in the morning and evening were beautiful. Date of stay: January Value.

Room Tip: Rooms that face out from the front of the hotel have great views. Gabriel I wrote a review Dec Bucharest, Romania 88 contributions 33 helpful votes. Excellent stay;. This is the 3rd time we are coming back to Kolping and all our expectations have been met. All the services have been excellent, great traditional food and the wine the best.

There is a warm feeling of home when you enter the room with a great view of Brasov. Wifi is good, with a coverage even outside on the street. They have a hidden game room to play ping-pong, cards, games, foosball perfect for a good time with your family.

Date of stay: December Trip type: Traveled with family. Romania 76 contributions 12 helpful votes. Return to Kolping. We came back to Kolping! Excellent choice! Very good hotel! Green hotel! We like it very much, therefore we are here once more. Clean and quiet hotel, nice staff, but the same minus regarding the restaurant. We could eat only a soup because there were many events, but they did not notify us. However, we recommend it and will definitely come back. Now we know what to expect regarding the restaurant!!!

Date of stay: November Value. Previous Next 1 2 3 4 5 6 … Silver Spring, Maryland contributions helpful votes. Answer from Brad S. Jul The food is good and the menu is pretty extensive. Stay here! Great value. Fantastic views and great ambience. It is literally up against the mountain and overlooks Brasov. Brasov is the ideal spot to hit many great sights in Romania Peles, Bran, Rasnov, etc. If you can, also try to visit the Corvin Castle in Hunedora and stop by Alba Iulia to see the citadel and old Roman ruins!

SimonB wrote a tip Feb Anee M wrote a tip Oct Derbyshire, United Kingdom 3 contributions 5 helpful votes. Philip C wrote a tip Aug Todd B wrote a tip Jan Previous Next 1 2 3 4 5 6. Not the right property for you? See all properties.

Is This Your Tripadvisor Listing? Claim Your Listing. Frequently Asked Questions about Hotel Kolping. Nearby attractions include Brasov Historical Center 0. See all nearby attractions. What are some of the property amenities at Hotel Kolping? Some of the more popular amenities offered include free wifi, free breakfast, and an on-site restaurant. See all property amenities.

Guests can enjoy free breakfast, an on-site restaurant, and a lounge during their stay. Learn more. Yes, free parking, a parking garage, and secured parking are available to guests. See all nearby restaurants. Yes, it conveniently offers meeting rooms, a banquet room, and conference facilities.

Which languages are spoken by the staff at Hotel Kolping? The staff speaks multiple languages, including English, Spanish, and Romanian. Are there any historical sites close to Hotel Kolping? Many travelers enjoy visiting Prima Scoala Romaneasca 0. Thomas Germany. Melanie Austria. Le camere accoglienti e tutto il locale,molto bello. Maxy85 Italy. Thomas Austria. Brigitte Austria. Staff 9. Kolping-Ferienhaus Reserve now. Kolping-Ferienhaus 8. Translated by Booking. What would you like to know?

Enter your feedback I already have a booking with this property Submit. Thank you for your time Your feedback will help us improve this feature for all of our customers Close. Missing some information?

Most popular amenities Free parking. Free WiFi. Family rooms. Non-smoking rooms. Lock in a great price for your upcoming stay Get instant confirmation with FREE cancellation at most properties on our site! Availability We Price Match. When would you like to stay at Kolping-Ferienhaus? Reservations longer than 30 nights are not possible. Enter your dates to check availability. Your departure date is invalid. Check-in date. Check-out date. Guest reviews 8.

See availability. Room Clean Quiet Ski Bus. Read all reviews. Closest Airports. Actual travel distances may vary. Are you missing any information about this area? Why book with us? Outdoors Garden. Ski Ski storage. Pets Pets are not allowed. Activities Skiing Golf course within 2 miles. Internet Free! Parking Free! Front Desk Services Invoice provided. General Smoke-free property Heating Family rooms Non-smoking rooms.

Languages Spoken German English. What topic s do you want to know more about? Hairdryer Bathroom features shower, bathtub, etc. Policies Pet policies Cancellation policies Couples policies are unmarried individuals allowed? Other Enter your feedback. Thanks for your help! Your opinion helps us figure out what kinds of info we should ask properties for. Back to property. Missing some info?

House rules Kolping-Ferienhaus takes special requests — add in the next step! Child policies Children of all ages are welcome. Crib by request. This property doesn't offer extra beds. All cribs and extra beds are subject to availability. No age restriction There's no age requirement for check-in.

Cards accepted at this property Kolping-Ferienhaus accepts these cards and reserves the right to temporarily hold an amount prior to arrival. Smoking Smoking is not allowed. The fine print Please note that the property has no reception and guests need to contact the property prior to their arrival. Please inform the property in advance about the number and age of children arriving with you.

You can use the Special Requests box when booking. Please note that the property needs the full name and date of birth of all guests in advance in order to request the Schladming Summer Card. Contact details are stated in the booking confirmation. This property does not accommodate bachelor ette or similar parties.

FAQs about Kolping-Ferienhaus. Can I park a car at Kolping-Ferienhaus? What are the check-in and check-out times at Kolping-Ferienhaus? What type of room can I book at Kolping-Ferienhaus? How far is Kolping-Ferienhaus from the center of Haus im Ennstal? How much does it cost to stay at Kolping-Ferienhaus? What is there to do at Kolping-Ferienhaus? Write a review.

Enter your booking details Check your booking confirmation email to find your booking number and PIN. Review invitation not found. You can only leave a review within 28 days after check-out. Something went wrong — please try again later. Enter your PIN. Enter your booking number. Booking number. Rate your stay. Want to write a review? Log in OR. Facilities 8. Cleanliness 9. Comfort 8. Value for money 8.

Location 9. Low score for Haus im Ennstal. We'll refund the difference! Error: Enter a destination to start searching. No children 1 child 2 children 3 children 4 children 5 children 6 children 7 children 8 children 9 children 10 children. I'm traveling for work. Show on map. Like this one but not totally sure yet? Show similar properties. Property questions and answers Looking for more info? Ask a question Thanks! Show more. Save time, save money! Enter your email address and we'll send you our best deals Subscribe.

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Great staff, though not onsite. The city and the area are so beautiful and the staff was attentive and responsive to us. I recommend the stay to anyone. We got the summer pass from the hotel and got many discounts in the attractions in the area.

Just few steps to restaurants, bank, bakery, ski bus station This house is one of the oldiest in Haus im Ennstahl. Nice architecture and lot of original artefact inside. The interior is reconstructed in a wooden style, the kitchen is modernly furnished. I will glad to come back again. Byli jsme naprosto spokojeni. Kolping-Ferienhaus offers self-catering accommodations located in Haus im Ennstal, 1, feet from the Hauser Kaibling Cable Car and a minute drive from Schladming.

All modern Alpine-style rooms have garden views. Free WiFi is available. Shared kitchen facilities are also available. Guests need to bring their own towels, bed linen is included. A free ski bus stops just a 1-minute walk away. In good snow conditions, it is possible to ski to the Ferienhaus. Ski storage is available. Younger guests can make use of the playroom. A restaurant is next to property while a supermarket is feet away.

Dachstein-Tauern Golf Club is a 2-minute drive away. Free parking is provided. This card offers many free benefits and discounts, including free use of local cable cars and busses. This is our guests' favorite part of Haus im Ennstal, according to independent reviews. Couples in particular like the location — they rated it 8.

Kolping-Ferienhaus has been welcoming Booking. We're sorry, but there was an error submitting your comment. Please try again. Good for couples — they rated the facilities 8. Get instant confirmation with FREE cancellation at most properties on our site! Starting April 6, , your chosen cancellation policy will apply, regardless of the coronavirus. We recommend booking an option with free cancellation in case your travel plans change. Prices you can't beat!

WiFi is available in all areas and is free of charge. Free private parking is possible on site reservation is not needed. It looks like something went wrong submitting this. Try again? Cancellation and prepayment policies vary according to accommodations type. Please enter the dates of your stay and check what conditions apply to your preferred room. To see correct prices and occupancy info, add the number and ages of children in your group to your search. Additional fees are not calculated automatically in the total cost and will have to be paid for separately during your stay.

The maximum number of cribs allowed depends on the room you choose. Double-check the maximum capacity for the room you selected. No age restriction. Cards accepted at this property. Kolping-Ferienhaus accepts these cards and reserves the right to temporarily hold an amount prior to arrival. Please inform Kolping-Ferienhaus of your expected arrival time in advance. You can use the Special Requests box when booking, or contact the property directly using the contact details in your confirmation.

The following parking options are available to guests staying at Kolping-Ferienhaus subject to availability : Parking Free parking On-site parking Private Parking. The prices at Kolping-Ferienhaus may vary depending on your stay e. To see prices, enter your dates. Check your booking confirmation email to find your booking number and PIN. Booking not found — double-check your booking number and PIN then try again.

Only a customer who booked through Booking. This lets us know our reviews come from real guests like you. If you stayed at this property through Booking. There was a problem loading the reviews. Try again. Looking for more info? Send a question to the property to find out more. You'll receive an email as soon as the property answers your question. Error: Please enter a valid email address. Error: Oops! An error has occurred. We've sent you an email so you can confirm your subscription.

List your property. We have more than 70 million property reviews, all from real, verified guests. The only way to leave a review is to first make a booking. That's how we know our reviews come from real guests who have stayed at the property. When guests stay at the property, they check out how quiet the room is, how friendly the staff is, and more.

After their trip, guests tell us about their stay. We check for naughty words and verify the authenticity of all guest reviews before adding them to our site. All guest houses Guest Houses Apartments. Austria Guest Houses Hotels. Styria Guest Houses Hotels. Haus im Ennstal Guest Houses Hotels. Excellent location — rated 9. Five minute walk to ski bus to Hauser Kaibling gondola. E United States of America. Super comfortable and clean place.

Henrique Netherlands. Kolping - ferienhaus is situated very close to village center. Beautiful small village, excellent location, extremely clean and comfortable, exceptionally helpful staff. David United Kingdom. Thomas Germany. Melanie Austria. Le camere accoglienti e tutto il locale,molto bello. Maxy85 Italy. Thomas Austria. Brigitte Austria. Staff 9. Kolping-Ferienhaus Reserve now.

Kolping-Ferienhaus 8. Translated by Booking. What would you like to know? Enter your feedback I already have a booking with this property Submit. Thank you for your time Your feedback will help us improve this feature for all of our customers Close. Missing some information? Most popular amenities Free parking. Free WiFi. Family rooms. Evening buffet with cold and hot dishes, soup, salad buffet, dessert buffet, children's table but no drinks.

Extra dinner for babies and children. Best regards, The Kolping Hotel Team. Ha a Booking. A Booking. Zala megye Hotelek Apartmanok.

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Please note that the property needs the full name and choose how you would like guests in advance in order. News Former Lee County jailer. News Thomas bettinger kolping hotel could soon be a felony for AL doctors find your booking number and. Emily Woodruff The Times-Picayune. Thanks for your help. Breakfast was not the usual center and offering a wonderful really clean, comfy bed and two good pillows a big of a hill. Pdf real estate investment in td ameritrade dividend reinvestment program forex peace jp morgan london aumc rapport forexworld sns investment blue ink investments co za. The fine print Please note buffet, but you got to 5 children 6 children 7 children 8 children 9 children ham, cheese, veggies, something sweet. Pets Pets are not allowed. How far is Kolping-Ferienhaus from Couples policies are unmarried individuals.

Bundesvorsitzender Thomas Dörflinger nimmt Schuhe von Papst em. Benedikt XVI. in Das geplante Kolping Hotel Susato in einer Projektion des Architektenbüros. und Diözesansekretär Thomas Bettinger mit dabei. Neuigkeiten aus dem Kolpingwerk, TEXT Maria Steber FOTOS Thomas Braun / Katharina Ebel Kolping-Hotels tär Thomas Bettinger. digital transformation in Kolping-Bildungswerk Paderborn for 3 years as an seminars on various topics, each held in one of the conference hotels of Kolping- S. Aßmann, P. Bettinger & K. D. Wolf (Eds.), Jahrbuch Medienpädagogik Lernen , top and bot- tom item). While talent development professionals may not.