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Jersey City resident begins Peace Corps service.

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Regelski is responsible for overseeing technology development, new product development processes, and codes and standards for all Electrical Sector engineering activities at Eaton Corporation. He also leads the. Electrical Sector in developing technology-driven strategies and growth initiatives. Regelski holds three U. Patents for Smart Card Utilization in. He is also a published author specializing in distributed computing and data management. Institute, China.

What is in it for them? The term Internet of Things has become an ubiquitous and trendy term in the popular media. IoT prominently in in the product offering and we have been inundated by a plethora of articles and press releases trying to describe the. Much of the attention has focused on the consumer market and the remarkable products and gadgets flooding the market.

To a lesser degree, the idea of the Industrial Internet of Things IIoT has also been a hot topic, but specifically for the commercial and industrial segments. This is an as yet unexplored part of the story that we, as technologists, must become more familiar with. This Town Hall meeting brings together four leading experts and visionaries, all actually working on industry based IIoT projects and products.

This session is not just a recitation of statistics and facts, it is planned to be highly participatory. We invite questions and thought provoking inquiries about the amorphous idea of the IIoT and we foresee this exercise promoting discussions, arguments, rigorous exchange of information, opinions, and ideas. An integrated grid is developing at the edge of the grid. With Advanced Metering Infrastructure AMI , robust communication infrastructure, affordable sensors, solid-state protection and smart converter technology, the grid edge provides the ideal location to integrate distributed renewable energy, demand response technologies, OT-IT implementations and energy storage for the customer-focused utility of the future.

The selected panelists will discuss challenges and opportunities to integrate grid-edge modernization technologies and business cases into a legacy and aging grid. The growth of electric vehicles and transportation, development and integration of renewable power, and broader adoption of motor control from industrial equipment to consumer products is driving the use of power electronics.

Power electronicsbased systems depend on optimized and energy-efficient embedded controls. An important step in developing these controls is system-level simulation. In this panel discussion, thought leaders from academia and industry define the challenges of simulating power electronics, and experts in simulation technologies.

The session concludes with questions from the audience. The second session will begin with two talks on cybersecurity for vehicular systems. The first of these will be given by Dr. Stacey Prowell from Oak Ridge. The final talks return to electric energy delivery systems. The third talk in this session is by Dennis Gammel of Schweitzer Engineering on cyber defense methods for industrial control systems.

The final talk is provided by Bruno Sinopoli from Carnegie Mellon University on hardening cyber-physical systems. SiC devices are now beginning to fulfill their many years of promise and are finding their way into niche industrial applications. This session, hosted by. Infineon, GE and ABB will cover several aspects of the practical use of SiC devices from chip concept, thorough module layout, design implementation and applications.

The Cybersecurity for Energy Delivery Systems CEDS program emphasizes collaboration among the government, industry, universities, national laboratories, and end users to advance research and development in cybersecurity that is tailored to the unique performance requirements, design and operational environment of energy delivery systems.

The aim of the program is to reduce the risk of energy disruptions due to cyber incidents as well as survive an intentional cyber assault with no loss of critical function. This presentation will describe the. The program will be delivered in two sections with section one beginning at on Wednesday and section two taking place at.

Our goal is to make this session informative and practical, and address some of the very real challenges that system and design engineers face when making decisions concerning the use of SiC MOSFETs. The first talk is an overview of a U. Department of Energy cybersecurity program known as CEDS — cybersecurity for energy delivery systems by program director. Carol Hawk. This will be followed by presentations from Dr. Dmitry Ishchenko of ABB on a project they are undertaking to harden some of their equipment, and one by Prof.

Osama Mohammad on securing smart grids. Mohammad and the fourth speaker, Dr. The Water Energy Nexus refers to both the use of water in energy production and the use of energy to extract, purify, deliver, heat, cool, treat and dispose of water. A broad range of products, processes, research topics and societal impacts fall under this category, however the intersection between energy conversion, renewable energy and water is resulting in several emerging and relevant technologies associated with achieving net zero energy usage and increased energy efficiency, self-sufficiency and resilience.

Relevant products and research areas include real-time condition monitoring; integrated flow sensor technology; use of energy storage and renewables to prevent basement water back-up; alternatives to reverse osmosis systems; efficient, net zero energy waste water treatment; green technology for storm water treatment; low energy sewage inspection; and combined heat and power. Milwaukee is fast becoming a center for research and development in the water-energy area through the leadership of University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee UWM , Marquette University, Midwest.

This special session will include presentations on new developments in waterenergy and future trends. Junhong Chen, UWM Distinguished Professor specializing in energy conversion, storage and conservation, water sensors and pollution control. The advent and applications of the electrical machines in industry started in 19th century. Now, in 21st century, there are still strong investments and developments in designing and manufacturing electrical machines with high efficiency — as imposed by international standards — and high torque density — as imposed by modern applications as green aircrafts, electrical vehicles or renewables.

Compared to the industry work horse, cheap, robust, reliable, i. Superior in performance to any other electric motor topology: induction, reluctance, DC, wound-field synchronous, the large scale development of the BPM machines was possible when two rare-earth based permanent magnets were invented and the power electronics developments lead to cheap and highly efficient components.

While the theoretical aspects are largely analyzed and discussed in research papers coming from academia, the practical implementation and the encountered challenges in industrial environment is less debated and shared within the engineering community. This two parts special session gathers experts from the industry to present various aspects and approaches in developing, prototyping and moving into mass production of the well established induction motors or the highest torque density solution: BPM machines.

The challenges in automotive, aviation, in building large BPM machines, the selection criteria of the permanent magnet materials, industrial production of induction and BPM machines and their presence in automotive industry to build. The intended audience includes: engineers and researches from industry, student and academics, all with a focus on the analysis, development and production of brushless permanent magnet machines.

The session will involve two sessions. The first session will include the following presentations:. Note: All tutorials are held on September 18, Pre-registration for each tutorial is required. Please visit the. Mechanical circuit breakers have been the main protective devices in the century old AC grid. Due to the existence of current zero crossing, these devices with proper arc managements have served the function well. However, the fault current clearance time is in the range of several to tens of line cycles.

As a consequence of the slow clearance speed, the fault current level is typically very high, resulting in significant challenges in substation design and coordination since all equipment must be rated to handle the high fault current levels. With the increased integration of more and more renewable and distributed generations in the distribution system, the fault current pattern is changing and the fault current level can be even higher.

LVDC such as VDC microgrids find more and more applications in renewable energy integrations and commercial buildings because of higher efficiency due to significantly simplified power conversion stages. Various energy sources, loads and storages are easily interconnected; and the power quality and system stability are improved. At high voltage levels, HVDC system has been increasingly used due to its high transmission efficiency very long distance when compared with HVAC system.

However, one of the most challenging issues for DC grids is their protection and control. Due to the absence of current zero crossing, traditional mechanical circuit breaker cannot be used. Also the protection speed must be significantly improved otherwise the fault current will be too high.

AC and DC grids. The tutorial is organized in four parts: Part I provides a review of basic functions and technologies of AC circuit breakers in conventional AC systems, the challenges emerging from the protection and control of DC systems and advanced AC systems, as well as various circuit interruption technologies.

II gives more details regarding the solid state circuit breakers. Part III focuses on the fast acting mechanical switch which is the key component to achieve low-loss high speed protection functions. In the end, Part IV identifies the challenges of high performance circuit breaker.

Future research can be focused on high speed actuators, optimized solid state switches for circuit breakers, new topologies and system study for coordinated protection and control. Modular Multilevel Converters MMC , with distinctive features of modularity, scalability, easy assembly, high quality voltage waveform, outstanding control performance, easy redundancy and high efficiency, are becoming a competitive power conversion topology for medium and high voltage applications.

They have already revolutionized voltage sourced converters VSC based high voltage direct current VSC-HVDC power transmission systems, pushing the voltage and power ratings to an unprecedented high level, and are the key technology for building multi-terminal HVDC systems and future DC grids. At present, MMCs are also being considered in many medium-voltage MV applications, such as machine drives, energy storage interface etc.

However, the use of hundreds of sub-modules involving thousands of components and associated control and measurement signals, demands very high requirements for the control, monitoring, and communication of the MMC. In addition, there are significant challenges facing the development of large scale HVDC grid including power flow control,. DC fault protection etc. Over the past years, significant research efforts have been made in the academics and industries to tackle these problems. The purpose of this tutorial is to provide a systematic introduction of the MMC on the operating principles, converter models, modulation strategies, control schemes etc, and to give a comprehensive review of the latest achievements, emerging applications, and remaining challenges.

This tutorial will start with an overview of MMC characteristics and operating principles. Detailed MMC control will then be described including the available modulation strategies, capacitor voltage balancing schemes, circulating current control, as well as the capacitor pre-charging and fault tolerant operation.

Efficient modeling and simulation techniques for MMC, both off-line and real-time, are then presented. Furthermore, this tutorial will give special emphasis to the applications of MMC: 1 MMC in HVDCs, specifying the design considerations of MMC-HVDC system, the key equipment for future large scale DC grid and its power flow control and challenges in DC fault protection; 2 MMC used as variable speed drives, showing its great feasibility and advantages over other multilevel topologies, but also revealing the disadvantage of the excessive capacitor voltage ripple at low speedsand possible methods for its attenuation; 3 Real project experience of multi-terminal MMC-HVDC system will be presented and finally, the other emerging MMC applications and future research opportunities will be discussed.

Power electronics technology is changing the way of electricity generation, transmission, and consumption. A vast range of grid applications of power electronics can be found in renewable energy power generations, flexible dc and ac power transmission systems, adjustable speed drives and other energy-efficient power loads. The ac power electronic based power systems are thus evolving into electrical grids at different power levels, ranging from standalone power systems and microgrids to large-scale renewable power plants.

The dynamic variations of switching instants make power electronic converters nonlinear and time-variant, which, together with their wideband control dynamics, tend to cause a number of stability and power quality problems. Besides the highfrequency switching harmonics, the frequency coupling effect of the outer power control and grid synchronization loops of grid-connected converters may lead to non-characteristic harmonic distortions.

Moreover, more capacitances are being presented in the power electronic based power systems, due to the parasitic capacitances of power transmission cables and capacitances of converter-filters. The interactions among the ac-dc converters and the weak or resonant power grids may give rise to instability phenomena in a wide frequency range.

There have been many research efforts made for small-signal modeling of gridconnected converters and system stabilization at different frequencies. The statespace averaging method with the dq transformation is widely used for small-signal linearization, which, however, yields a real space vector model requiring the use of multivariable stability criterion.

Moreover, the use of state-space averaging filter neglects the effect of switching frequency harmonics, which is merely justified for converters with high switching to fundamental frequency ratio. To overcome these drawbacks, the generalized averaging method, dynamic phasor models, and harmonic state-space modeling based on linear time-periodic systems have been developed. This tutorial thus gives first a comprehensive review of linearized modeling methods of ac-dc converters for frequency coupling analysis and stability prediction.

The principle of harmonic state-space modeling method is exemplified by a grid-connected converter with low switching to fundamental frequency ratio. The use of complex transfer functions to represent the dq-frame converter model is also discussed.

The instability phenomena associated with the different control loops, e. Tools for system-level stability analysis with multiple ac-dc converters are then discussed and implemented with a few examples. Perspectives on the challenges and future trends of modeling and stability analysis of ac power electronic based power systems are finally given.

PWM converters have been widely applied for power processing and they are typically the stems of other types of converters, such as quasi-resonant, Z-source and switched-inductor hybrid converters. Development of PWM converters has been spanning over a century, starting from the buck converter. The well-known. Many attempts have been proposed to develop these converters based mostly on canonical cell concepts and by introducing extra LC filters to the cells.

He claimed organic beings were evolved from the original species. Analogously, does there exist the origin of converters? This tutorial lecture presents identification of the original converter, from which the rest of converters can be evolved and derived systematically. The processes of converter evolution and derivation including decoding and synthesizing will be then presented, which bridge transfer gains or codes to converter topologies uniquely. Unlike conventional approaches based on switching cell or LC cell concept, we develop converters from the original converter and its derived.

During presentation, the well-known converters will be illustrated with the discussed processes. This tutorial will provide research experts, engineers and students a prospective vision of power converter evolution, derivation and development. This tutorial gives a lecture on high-power medium-voltage converters from industrial point of view. Firstly it introduces the motivations applying high power drives for various applications. Then it introduces devices, topologies and controls that have been applied for industrial drives.

Finally, the emerging technologies and applications are discussed, including the SiC devices, advanced cooling concepts and subsea drives. The authors have made similar topics on. This tutorial will provide an overview of the use of power semiconductors in vehicle traction inverterapplications. There is currently significant activity in the development of electric machines for automotive applications where a wide variety of possible solutions can be seen.

This tutorial aims to evaluate a range of the most common design options in terms of performance, cost and manufacturability. The tutorial will be focussed upon a set of typical electric machine specifications through which the following design variations will be explored:. In addition, various rotor topologies particularly for the permanent magnet motors are compared for example multilayer interior PM, surface mounted, outer rotor and simple interior PM.

For concentrated windings, open slot tooth wound, segmented and edge wound. For distributed, bar wound and multistranded. In induction motor rotors this choice is also important and contains various trade-offs between cost and performance. Different magnet materials are investigated with ferrite magnets proving an interesting option for low cost designs.

Various electrical steel grades are also compared. These cooling approaches include stator water jackets, shaft cooling, oil spray cooling and air cooling. The performance of the design choices will be evaluated using sophisticated electromagnetic and thermal modelling techniques. High Power Semiconductor modules are the workhorse power switch for industrial applications. This seminar will discuss the issues a designer must deal with in using these devices including interpretation of device ratings, gate drive requirements, and providing device and system protection.

The intent of this seminar is to aid the designer in choosing and applying a power module to a new product. Questions and concerns a designer might have will be addressed by the various techniques and circuit examples that will be presented. Chip technology and packaging options will be discussed with special attention to the tradeoffs between silicon and silicon carbide.

The practical application of SiC power devices today and in the future will be discussed. The attendee should leave the course with a better understanding of the power module, specifically as a device and how it functions in an application. The goal will be to impart an understanding of desirable features, characteristics, and limitations. This will include the application in power circuits, protection from internal and external disturbances, and an understanding of thermal design, handling, and reliability considerations.

The seminar is intended for design engineers having to deal with confusing and conflicting information on device data sheets and should be of interest to anyone who uses, applies, procures, or specifies power electronic products based on high power IGBTs as the power switch. Under normal operating conditions at sea, the ship electrical system can be considered as a typical isolated microgrid. When the ship docs to the seaport and is powered with shore power it makes a grid connected microgrid.

Thus, ship microgrids may resemble some analogies to commercial microgrids with similar issues and opportunities. Moreover, with the ever growing demands for emission reduction and fuel efficiency improvement, sustainable energy sources are becoming an integral part of marine electrical power systems. In addition, the intermittency and slow dynamics of these sources together with the presence of pulse loads, such as radar, make energy storage inevitable in future shipboard power systems to achieve faster transient characteristics.

These sources and energy storage elements are predominantly dc and thus onboard dc distribution is often used for integration and thereby improve the energy conversion efficiency. Therefore, future shipboard power systems are predicted to be predominantly dc microgrids. This tutorial provides an overview of power system architectures of present and future ship microgrids, various sources, loads and their characteristics, control technologies and optimization methods in both islanded and grid connected operations.

Protection coordination, multi-zonal architectures and fault isolation in future shipboard dc microgrids are also discussed in detail as the challenges in realization of future MVDC shipboard microgrids. The tutorial session is recommended for audience from both industry and academia with an interest in ship microgrids.

In general, any participant who is interested in learning about the latest trends in this area is welcomed. The smart grid SG as a research area is advancing dealing with a wider range of topics such as power systems, energy generation and telecommunication. The conventional utility grid used to operate in a passive mode absorbing energy from the substations and delivering it to the customers.

This approach is well developed but the needs of the state-of-the-art technology require a bidirectional flow of power and data. Nevertheless, smart grid systems provide more flexible, reliable, sustainable, secure and two- way communication service. Especially, integration of renewable energy sources, electrical vehicles and distributed generations DG in to network can be achieved in an efficient way in smart grid system. All these positive aspects of smart grids have been attained by integration of power electronics and telecommunication technologies with the grid.

This presentation deals with contributions of power electronics to SG in the context of generation, conversion, and distribution. With the increase of renewable energy penetration to the utility, the requirements to the gird inverter become higher and higher. One aspect of these requirements is that the grid inverter has higher power quality. Therefore, LCL filters have been widely used in the grid inverter. However, the grid inverter with LCL filter is sensitive.

The damping control of it is critical to its proper operation. To analytically design the controller for the grid inverter, dynamical models for either single-phase or three-phase inverters with LCL filter are needed. With the dynamical model, transfer functions in dq rotating frame are able to be derived. Since the transfer function of the grid inverter with LCL filter is the 3rd order, the bandwidth of the close loop will become narrower with the conventional PI controller design methodology.

With WACC, the transfer function is transformed into the 1st order. It can widen the bandwidth significantly and realize damping control at the same time. Extensions of Weighted. Average Current Control will be also introduced. DC current injection to the grid, which is caused by the grid inverter, is harmful to devices in the distribution systems. Generally the DC current injection occurs due to the asymmetry of the power device characteristics and control or gating drives in the grid inverter.

An active DC current rejection control to the Grid is introduced. It is effective for both single phase and three phase grid inverter. PCC voltage is poor. It is especially serious for high power grid inverters since the PWM switching frequency is deliberately selected to be lower to satisfy the efficiency requirement.

Selective harmonics suppressing control loop may be added to reduce the effect of PCC voltage harmonics influence. The power loss distribution in the components of the grid inverter varies with the changing of the loading. One PWM method, which is good for the heavy load, may be not ideal for the light load. Hybrid PWM for the grid inverter comprises with the different operating conditions.

It can increase the performance of the grid inverter with the regards to the entire loading condition. This tutorial provides a fundamentally different perspective to control of switching power electronic systems. It is based on controlling the time evolution of the switching states i. The former — i. The first part of the tutorial will primarily focus on SBC for power electronics systems. By enabling integration of modulation and control, SBC precludes the need for ad-hoc offline modulation synthesis.

In other words, an optimal switching sequence for the power converter is generated dynamically without the need for prior determination of a modulation scheme which generates a pre-determined switching sequence in typical conventional approaches. One of the distinctions between SBC and conventional model predictive control MPC is that SBC ensure optimal determination of the switching sequence of the power converter under stability bound.

Several device, converter, and network level implementations e. The second part of the tutorial reviews control and modulation methods that fully exploit the performance potential of high-power converters, by ensuring fast control at very low switching frequencies and low harmonic distortions.

To achieve this, the control and modulation problem is addressed in one computational stage. To this end, the benefits of deadbeat control methods such as direct torque control are combined with the optimal steady-state performance of optimized pulse patterns, by resolving the antagonism between the two. As a result, the current harmonic distortions and the switching losses can be reduced simultaneously, when compared to carrierbased PWM.

Indeed, at low switching frequencies, the resulting steady-state behavior is similar to that of optimized pulse patterns. During transients, however, very fast current and torque response times are achieved, similar to deadbeat control. To this end, two control and modulation methods will be presented. First, a direct MPC with long prediction horizons. Using a branch and bound technique, the optimization problem can be solved efficiently for long prediction horizons.

Large performance benefits result for converters with. LC filters, which do not require an additional active damping loop. This formulation generalizes the well-known finite control set MPC formulation. Second, a fast closed-loop control based on optimized pulse patterns will be provided.

Finally, the tutorial will focus on switching transition control STC. The primary objective of STC is to demonstrate how key power electronic system parameters including. Both electrical and newly developed optical control mechanisms to achieve. STC will be demonstrated. In the context of the latter, mechanisms for monolithic integration of switching sequence control as well as switching transition control will be outlined and the revolutionary impact of such a novel integration on system performance will be demonstrated with practical applications.

University of Denver, Northeastern Univ. Lamar, Marta M. Hernando and Javier Sebastian,. Nanjing Univ. Nanjing University of Aeron. ABB Inc. Abstract Power Electronics. Advanced MotorTech. Cambridge University Press. Danfoss Drives. Eaton Corporation. Electronic Concepts, Inc. EMWorks Inc. GaN Systems. General Motors. GMW Associates. HBM Test and Measurement. Infineon Technologies Americas Corp.. Keysight Technologies. MagneForce Software Systems, Inc.

Myway Plus Corporation. Payton America Inc. Plexim, Inc. Powerex, Inc. Powersim Inc. Powersys Inc.. Proto Laminations, Inc. Teledyne LeCroy. Typhoon HIL, Inc. VisIC Technologies. Wolong Electric Group Co. Aalborg University. Concordia University.

Ohio State University. ABB is a global leader in power and automation technologies. Innovation is at the forefront of what we do and many of the technologies that drive modern society were pioneered by ABB. Our automation solutions include, low and medium voltage drives, motors, generators, power electronics and robotics which provide power, motion and control for a wide range of applications. Abstract Power Electronics develops advanced power electronics not available in the market place today.

Products include all types of power conversion configurations. Designs include high frequency, high level isolation, high power. Our business approach focuses on efficiency from the specification through the final product, thus providing our customers with the best possible experience. Advanced MotorTech is the leader in electric machine design engineering services, including consulting, prototyping and training. All motor types.

We know motors and generators. Altair is focused on the development and broad application of simulation technology to synthesize and optimize designs, processes and decisions for improved business performance. Privately held with more than 2, employees, Altair is headquartered in Troy, Michigan, USA and operates more than 45 offices throughout 22 countries. Today, Altair serves more than 5, corporate clients across broad industry segments.

To learn more, please visit www. ANSYS is the global leader in engineering simulation. By offering the best and broadest portfolio of engineering simulation software, we help them solve the most complex design challenges and engineer products limited only by imagination. Cambridge University Press is a not-for-profit organization that advances learning, knowledge and research worldwide. It is an integral part of the University of Cambridge and for centuries has extended its research and teaching activities through an extensive range of academic books, journals and digital products.

Cramer Magnetics is dedicated to supplying repeatable, high quality, cost effective magnetics solutions. Our state-of-the-art design capabilities and safety agency expertise allows for the efficient generation of custom high frequency wire wound and planar magnetic solutions. We are driven by a passion to develop, manufacture and sell the most versatile AC drives in the world.

Backed by a unique depth of application knowledge, our drives are equipped with the newest innovation and can adapt to any motor technology. Learn how Danfoss. Eaton provides energy-efficient solutions that help our customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power more efficiently, safely and sustainably. Eaton has approximately 97, employees and sells products to customers in more than.

ISO , TS A Heritage of Innovation since Electronic Concepts is the recognized leader in film capacitor design and manufacture. Our vertical integration and innovative design capability offers the flexibility to meet your most demanding requirements and applications.

Our EMS product allows engineers to study the performance of electro-mechanical components like motors, transformers, actuators, high power switches, sensors. Our HFWorks. EPCOS brand devices are part of the extensive product portfolio of TDK Corporation, one of the largest manufacturers of electronic components, modules, systems, and devices in the world.

The broad range of passive components supports power electronics, which includes active and passive filtering devices for improved power efficiency and quality, capacitors, inductors, high-frequency components and modules, piezo and protection devices, and sensors. GaN Systems is the first place systems designers go to realize all of the benefits of gallium nitride in their power conversion and control applications.

General Motors GM is a global automotive company. From electric mini-cars to heavyduty full-size trucks, General Motors provides a complete range of vehicles that meets the needs and expectations of drivers on a truly global scale.

There are 9 distinctive automotive brands under the General Motors corporate umbrella:. GM continues to excel in propulsion system development, and strive to push exciting advancements in alternative energy and purposeful vehicle design. GM consistently adopt policies and develop technologies that promote a cleaner planet from supply chain to manufacturing to the vehicles GM put on the road.

Products and support are provided for: non-contact, isolated sensing of mechanical position and magnetic material; magnetic field and magnetic property measurement; electric current measurement and control; magnetic field generation and control; particle beam control and acceleration. For over 65 years, HBM has stood for reliability, precision and innovation.

With offices all around the world, HBM develops and manufactures products for an extensive range of measurement applications in many industries. These products include strain gauges, data acquisition systems, sensors and transducers, as well as software for structural durability investigations, tests and analysis. HBM offers real time power measurement solutions with advanced analysis for optimizing electric machines and inverters including accelerated motor mapping and Clarke and Park Transformations.

Clients rely on HBM to guide their design, development, production and maintenance, to optimize their product life cycles and improve efficiency. Great source of practical power design information. HVR provides cost-effective engineered solutions for high-stress resistor applications. Research, Transportation, and Medical.

Our solid composition resistors provide a solution for high voltage, non-inductive and high peak power resistive applications. We utilize our decades of experience and unique materials approach to engineer a low-cost application-specific solution. ECCE has steadily grown in scope, quality, and number of technical papers, attendance, and involvement of the industry.

It provides engineers, researchers, and professionals a perfect blend of state of the art, technical prowess and commercial opportunities in one attractive location. The Industry Applications Society supports the advancement of the theory and practice of electrical and electronic engineering in the development, design, manufacture and application of electrical systems, apparatuses, devices and controls to the processes and equipment of industry and commerce; the promotion of safe, reliable and economical installations; industry leadership in energy conservation and environmental health and safety issues; the creation of voluntary engineering standards and recommended practices; and the professional development of its membership.

For over 20 years, PELS has facilitated and guided the development and innovation in power electronics technology. This technology encompasses the effective use of electronic components, the application of circuit theory and design techniques, and the development of analytical tools toward efficient conversion, control and condition of electric power. Our 7, members include preeminent researchers, practitioners, and distinguished award winners.

We invite you to join us, and benefit from a world of invaluable information and support. Keysight solutions cover your needs for selecting the right power components, designing for efficient power conversion, validating power conversion device performance, and final device test.

Voltage Transducers. Software for design and simulation of rotating electric machinery. MagneForce products combine Finite Element techniques together with various time based circuit models to provide a total electric machine design environment. A recognized technology leader in IGBT products, Infineon offers a comprehensive portfolio in different voltage and current classes; offered as bare dies, discretes components, power modules and complete stack solutions.

The MATLAB and Simulink product families are fundamental applied math and computational tools adopted by more than universities and colleges. Works products help prepare students for careers in industry, where the tools are widely used for data analysis, mathematical modeling, and algorithm development in collaborative research and new product development.

Mersen integrates its extensive expertise in cooling and heatsink technology, laminated bus bar design and semiconductor fuses in your power electronics applications to make them safe, reliable and profitable. PCIM Europe is the international leading exhibition and conference for power electronics and its fields of application. Industry experts amongst others from industrial and automotive electronics, focus on this specialist field.

The exhibition covers the entire supply chain: from the component up to drive electronics, packaging and the final intelligent system. Introducing seamless connection between PE-Expert4 and PE-Inverter, the cost effective, scalable and allin-one universal platform with the latest digital technology, supporting over gate control and integrated power analyzer.

This comes with visualized software development bench for easy C programing. Feel free to drop by our booth to see our demo. Our validation and test benches are used by engineers and researchers at leading manufacturers, utilities and universities worldwide. Our technological approach integrates parallel, distributed computing with commercial-off-the-shelf technologies.

PLECS is a simulation software tool for developing such systems and their associated controls. Plexim also now offers its own hardware-in-the-loop HIL platform and a processor-in-the-loop PIL tool for developing, testing, and validating embedded controls, and a web-based simulator WBS for educational and marketing purposes.

Powerex is a leading supplier of discrete devices, modules and integrated high power semiconductor solutions. PSIM is a power electronics simulation tool that empowers engineers to accelerate the pace of innovation with the fastest, most reliable and easy-to-use solution. PSIM provides expert technical support and delivers systems-level solutions that integrate smoothly with other popular engineering platforms.

PSIM is trusted by academics and professionals alike in over 70 countries to test hypotheses early and easily, and get from design to implementation accurately and quickly. The company was founded in and since then has been creating products distinguished by the ultimate ease of use, unrivaled performance, leading-edge technology, and affordability. With a growing list of global clients in industries including renewables, industry automation, oil and gas, energy storage, and automotive,.

Typhoon HIL has emerged as the industry leader in automated test and verification of power electronics control systems. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis. Teledyne LeCroy is a leading manufacturer of advanced oscilloscopes, protocol analyzers, and other test instruments that verify performance, validate compliance, and debug complex electronic systems quickly and thoroughly.

Faster time to insight enables users to rapidly find and fix defects in complex electronic systems, dramatically improving time-to-market for a wide variety of applications and end markets. VisIC was established in to be a provider of high-voltage V and above , high-volume GaN transistors and switches to the ever-growing and rapidly changing power conversion market. Applying their in-depth understanding of the core materials and associated physics of GaN-based devices, they have created a true.

Wolong Electric is one of the largest motor and drive manufacturers in the world. It focuses on innovation and new technology development. Our products are widely used in various of industries, such as home appliances, HVACs, industrial drives, oil and gas, mining, nuclear and power generation, etc. Through strategic acquisitions, Wolong Group includes some of the most valuable and experienced motor manufactures and brands in the world, such as ATB, Brook Crompton, Schorch,.

We are proud of our heritage and confidence in our product quality to service our global customers. Motor efficiency testing has become extremely important. Testing with a typical power analyser only offers inadequate numerical results. Instead, all electrical and mechanical signals must be acquired and analysed simultaneously at high sample rates with fast transfer to automation systems for accurate and rapid electric motor and drive efficiency mapping. VisIC Technologies will present its GaN components enabling a new generation of power conversion systems to deliver the Long standing GaN promise of high efficiency and low system cost.

Simulation helps engineers apply power electronics and advance control design to electric vehicles, renewable energy, and motor control. Design with MATLAB and Simulink offers an environment that enables developers to explore advanced control concepts, capture requirements, design and validate using simulation, and implement ideas for production.

To achieve the goal of higher efficiencies, smaller size and lower cost, power electronics continue to demand capacitor technologies with much higher resonant frequencies. Paramount is a requirement for both very low inductance and low effective series resistance for the purposes of integration into semiconductor modules that require higher temperature stability, unwavering reliability and overall longer useful life. Join our min seminar as we demonstrate the high-performance benefits of this new technology.

There are a variety of ways to measure power. Since some are more accurate than others, choosing the right method to characterize and evaluate any power conversion device design, whether it is DC or AC, single or three phase system, is critical for success of the design project. Zheng Zhang Ph. In the past decade, through the global acquisition, Wolong rapidly becomes a multiple national company, the fourth largest electrical machine manufacturer in the world.

OH, on October 1 - 5, ECCE is the pivotal international conference and exposition event on electrical and electromechanical energy conversion field. ECCE will feature both industry-driven and application-oriented technical sessions and seminars, as well as exhibitions.

ECCE will bring together practicing engineers, researchers and industry professionals for interactive and multidisciplinary discussions on the latest advances in various areas related to energy conversion. Technical papers are solicited on any subject pertaining to the scope of the conference that includes, but is not limited to, the following major topics:.

Located on the Ohio River, Cincinnati is a unique blend of a vibrant, fun, sophisticated and business oriented city with rich culture, exquisite architecture, entertainment, cuisine and shopping. The city is located in the southwestern corner of Ohio with its environs spreading towards two neighboring states - Kentucky and Indiana.

Cincinnati is home to major companies involved in manufacturing, energy, information technology and finance. The city proudly serves as the headquarters for several international Fortune. Cincy is easily accessible with direct flights from major cities worldwide. Centre, known for its ultramodern facilities and award-winning environmental sustainability performance through its STEP UP plan. Prospective authors are requested to submit a digest no longer than five 5 pages, single column, single spaced, summarizing the proposed paper.

The digest should include key equations, figures, tables and references as appropriate, but no author names or affiliations. Deviations from these essential requirements will be grounds for immediate rejection. The digests must clearly state the objectives of the work, its significance in advancing engineering or science, and the methods and specific results in sufficient detail.

The digests will be reviewed using a double-blind peer review process to ensure confidentiality and fair review. Please refer to the conference website for a detailed list of technical topics and the digest submission method. OH, on October 1 — 5, Tetraspanin protein contributions to cancer. Biochem Soc Trans. Tetraspanin12 regulates ADAMdependent cleavage of amyloid precursor protein. Overexpression of fatty acid synthase is associated with palmitoylation of Wnt1 and cytoplasmic stabilization of beta-catenin in prostate cancer.

Lab Invest. Mol Biol Cell. CD accelerates breast cancer by regulating alpha 6 integrin function, signaling, and molecular organization. Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma activation can regulate beta-catenin levels via a proteasome-mediated and adenomatous polyposis coli-independent pathway. J Biol Chem. Gastrin-mediated activation of cyclin D1 transcription involves beta-catenin and CREB pathways in gastric cancer cells. Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma activation modulates cyclin D1 transcription via beta-catenin-independent and cAMP-response element-binding protein-dependent pathways in mouse hepatocytes.

J Cell Physiol. Fragments from alpha-actinin insert into reconstituted lipid bilayers. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. Fragments from actin binding protein ABP; filamin insert into reconstituted lipid layers. Singh M, Sharma C. Integrin-ligand interactions: scratching the surface. Curr Opin Hematol. Characterization and cell distribution of polycystin, the product of autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease gene 1.

Mol Med. J Immunol. J Cell Biol. On the regulation of beta 2 integrins. Adv Exp Med Biol. This graph shows the total number of publications by year. To see the data as text, click here. To return to the graph, click here. This graph shows the number and percent of publications by field. Fields are based on how the National Library of Medicine NLM classifies the publications' journals and might not represent the specific topics of the publications.

Note that an individual publication can be assigned to more than one field. As a result, the publication counts in this graph might add up to more than the number of publications the person has written.

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