unique in overbetting the pot

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Unique in overbetting the pot sports betting ag poker rigged and ready

Unique in overbetting the pot

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Overbetting in these scenarios will put your opponents in challenging spots, forcing them to make hero calls with marginal hands to avoid being exploited. Sounds like a prime bluff spot to me. To understand why this is a good spot to overbet, it is helpful to compare our button ranges against those of the player in the small blind. As these ranges show, we have almost five times as many strong value hands in our range than our opponent on this flop.

Since we have a range advantage in this situation, we can exploit the small blind by attacking their weak range with our bluffing hands. On the flop, we bet a size that gave our opponent approximately 2-to-1 on a call see: how to calculate pot odds here , and we want to balance our bet range accordingly. A very rough rule of thumb for the flop is to construct your bet range with around 2 bluffs for every 1 value bet.

Our flop range above looks pretty good, in which we are betting 63 value combos and about 90 bluff combos. We have chosen to bluff with draws that are capable of improving to very strong hands by the river. Note, however, that this bluffing range is just a suggested one.

Click here or below to learn more. Here, we can profitably overbet the turn with both value bets and bluffs. Also, low flush draws will likely fold to a large bet, as well as pocket pairs such as 55, 66, 77 and Even if we were ahead of these hands, getting them to fold without seeing the river is a great result for us. Have a look at the range below to see for yourself:. The small blind can have few very strong hands on this river, just 8 combos, and we have over five times that amount.

Even if we were to include all of the green hands, there are just 19 total combos with which to call. Consequently, we can put a ton of pressure on the majority of their holdings by overbetting as a bluff. Because of our overwhelming range advantage, we should also overbet this river with value hands. This will ensure that our river overbetting range is reasonably balanced, which prevents our opponent from exploiting us in turn by calling.

But it will also mean we sometimes get excellent value from our made hands when we get called. By overbetting, you're folding out all the hands that have bad draws - and asking others that beat you to felt you remember, you're oop. Second: Your bottom two ain't all that Wadda ya gonna do now, dgiharris????

Now what? I know Bart says you don't always have to have a plan for the next card - but here, I'd totally would want one. I think it's silly to overbet here oop on such a drawy board. An overbet looks exactly like what you're representing - two pair that's scared of a flush. Guess what Vs do when they decipher that? My poker coach once told me that my goal shouldn't be to win pots, but to play "perfect" poker.

If I make the right decisions and force my opponents to make mistakes, the result will be that I'll win a lot of pots. But it should not be my goal. I got bottom two. Anything else is amateur hour imo. I think I play in games similar to Harris and Beau your games might have less donkish opponents, because I think in my game guys will definitely call with hands like A9 may even raise to "protect" , and the draws that we've all mentioned.

JamesSuh wrote:. You are "guessing" what your opponents would do. Why are you guessing? Because you have admitted that you would never overbet in this spot. If we drop the SPR enough and we are only up against 1 or 2 villains, we can and should shove pretty much all turns, even ones that look scary for us with the exception being a 9 that counterfeits us.

It is my opinion that thinking players such as yourself make the mistake of transferring your own competencies and skill to your villains. You unwittingly think that your villains have your level of understanding of the game.

You unwittingly believe your villains know what you know. They do not. They want to beat us, they want to win the pot, and they want to make that sexy Hero call Hi beauraguard, I think I may be a bit spoiled playing poker in the Bay Area. We have a very large Asian and India population and gambling is a huge part of the culture. Couple that with tons of dot.

You are right that if we are deep trying to get stacks in with bottom 2p would be disasterous. Hope I didn't come off as too antagonistic or offend you, I sometimes get passionate about the subject and can be a bit of a prick sometimes so apologize. You are right, not all games are created equal. Typically these tend to be stable population areas or areas that don't get a lot of cross pollination or tourists and the player pool has become a bit stagnant.

I dunno, I'm just glad I don't live in one of those areas. For the record Beau, where is your home casino? The player make up of my games Vancouver, Canada is similar to what Harris described, but maybe with less disposable income. Guys here would not be making hero folds with AQ in that one HH you described so maybe you would have had to take a different line than a "standard" line.

BradleyT Posts: Subscriber, Professional. DGI's last paragraph nails it.

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I want to make lasagne that calls for pot in pot. Hi Serena — you do need to use the trivet under the inner pot and should not exceed the height of the inner pot. Do I need to add water to that bowl as well? I tried this earlier with just the stock liquid in the pasta dish, the pasta was delicious but vegetables were still raw after 8 mins and had to cook them separately on the stove which was frustrating.

Hi Lyn — sure, just use a pot big enough to hold the soup when it boils probably only fill it half full with ingredients and use a trivet and water underneath. I can only read above or below these blocks so can only read a few lines at a time. Is there a way to remove these blocks? Wondering about a pot in pot stainless container that is about a half inch above the rim of the inner liner.

I measured to be sure there is additional space on top and the lis closes easily. When cooking high pressure, and you need further cooking, or go to a different function, pot goes back to heat setting, which takes 13 minutes. Any suggestions? So saying you can cook soup in 15 mins is misleading, it takes 38 minutes.

Suggestions or comments appreciated. After a while, you learn to estimate the time it will take for the pressure cooker to come to pressure. A big pot of soup will take much longer to come to pressure than only 1 cup of liquid would. When the pressure cooker and ingredients are hot, the pot will come to pressure much faster. Again the example of a pot of pasta water, if it is still steaming, it will come to a boil much faster.

Great blog for an Instant Pot newbie like me. I now have an 8 qt Instant Pot. Too big for just me and hubby for a daily meal, but great for Ham, Large Beef Roasts. Question, if I put the insert for a 6qt inside the 8qt, do I need to add liquid to the 8qt if there is liquid going into the 6qt?

Can I cook russet potatoes in the bottom pot of stacked pots and steam sweet potatoes in the upper pot? The cooking times are the same. Just to compare, I cooked 1 cup jasmine rice in a ceramic souffle dish and then did the same in a metal pan. Sure enough, the rice cooked in the ceramic dish was a little on the al dente side when coming out of the IP.

It did, however, soften up after standing at room temperature for a while. The rice cooked in the metal pan was perfect right out of the cooker. I seem to remember that the water is not increased proportionally. Can I make a beef roast using pot in pot? I like to use cream soups to cook with my roast and the thick gravy sticks. Hi Jean — yes, you can make roast beef pot in pot as long as you have a large pressure cooker with a large pot that will accommodate the size of the roast.

This sounds like a wonderful idea. Would it be possible to cook pasta with this method? Thanks Sharon — glad it was helpful! You can cook pasta pot in pot — a lot of people cook pot in pot lasagna. Thanks for all the good questions users have asked. Is there a time when you do cover. Hi Sherry — I rarely cover when cooking pot in pot anymore. One exception is cakes because I like to use a paper towel to absorb some of the moisture, so I use tin foil to keep the paper towel in place.

If you are cooking 2 things that need liquid added to both say rice and curry —- do you need to adjust the amount of liquid for each? Hi Kristi — you can use the stackable pans and put fish in both the top and bottom pans. The bottom pan tends to cook a little faster, so if you have pieces that are a little thicker, put them in the bottom dish.

Even the various stackable PiP manufacturers seem to disagree on which method works better. Any thoughts? Hi Laurie — my experience has been that the bottom pot cooks faster than the top pot. There was a question about using pot in pot where the dish you are using is fairly snug fitting in the pot. Is that sufficient for the steam required to cook?

Is that enough space? Also does it matter how high the dish is as long as the lid will fit and lock easily? I have a 6 quart Lux Instant Pot. I have a Daddio 8 inch metal pot and it will fit in my Instant Pot but snug and comes to top on the inner pot. How much roorm do you need to use PIP cooking?. Will the steam come thru on snug fit? I just got 6qt Instant DUO. Tried to cook Basumati Rice, moong beans and lentils all separate days in a mixing bowl with round bottom, none of the items cooked in spite of cooking for 3 times the recommended time, I have to finish cooking all the items on the stove top.

I followed all the instructions you mentioned. Is it the mixing bowl with round bottom a problem? I was disappointed as I had heard so much about Insant pot. Did you have liquid in underneath the bowl as well as liquid in the bowls? What settings were you using? I would also love some advice regarding reheating frozen foods in my Instant Pot.

It always seems to take so much longer than stated in any of the guidelines I could find. For example, I tried to reheat from frozen cooked BBQ chicken thighs in an Exovana stainless steel pot, covered. Can you give me any pointers please? Hi Maureen — Have you tried not covering the pot?

Most things do not need to be covered in the pressure cooker and it slows down the cooking. Are you freezing the food flat and individual or in a big frozen clump? I HAD been covering everything that I reheated because I did not want condensation to drip all over the food. The 2 chicken thighs were frozen individually and flat. Tried both in manual mode for 10min and Rice mode but no luck.

Any ideas what I could be going wrong? Thanks in advance!! Hi Kavya — what dish did you use? A metal pan conducts heat better and covering the pan with foil will slow down the cooking process. Rice needs to steam after cooking as well.

Did you allow for some natural release time? I have a mesh basket, a colander, a trivet, a springform pan and an egg plate thing for the 8 art. The 6 art was a surprise to me yesterday! A set of Stackable pans, a fat daddio pan, a mesh and colander and those pincher things. I looked at 2 of your recommendated cookbooks, the dessert one said not available YET. A minimum of chicken. The happy news for me, no more clear liquid or baby food diets.

Since my surgery on my spine.. Now I hope I get much better at cooking it! Helps me ALOT. I hope you might have the same. Thank you for letting me blather. And you can write me with any special instructions blue angel diver at USA dot com. Thank you, Blue. As for videos, Barbara keeps her whole collection on her Facebook page, along with some step-by-step videos where she cooks the recipe with viewers. When you talk of cooking rice and chicken at the same time, do you put the chicken and its ingredients in the bottom, then put the trivet on that, and the rice in a pan on the trivet?

Do you then need a tall trivet? Sometimes the handles seem to short or are too close to the pot for me. Does a thicker sauce or gravy affect cook time for meat submerged in it? Your pasta calculations are awesome! Would need to be trimmed down to fit but it is only silicone so can be trimmed easily. Seems like it would be so much safer. Hi Gene — a second cooker is a great option too.

I love having more than one pressure cooker. However, it is nice to only have to wash one pot and one pressure cooker lid. If you have room in the pot and the cook time is the same, why not cook them at the same time. What a fantastic post-so much valuable information. I do quite a bit of pot-in-pot cooking now that I think about it. Cheesecakes for sure,, puddings, all easy and great end results. One of my favorite pot-in-pot recipes is the Braised Chicken Thighs with Creamy Polenta in your cookbook.

What I would love to know more about is reheating foods using this method in the pressure cooker. I tried it once but must have messed up somewhere because what I was trying to reheat barely warmed through…maybe not using enough time since the food was straight out of the refrigerator?

I would love to be able to use my stacking pans to reheat a couple of things at the same time rather than use the microwave. Your email address will not be published. Make better-tasting meals in a fraction of the time with an electric pressure cooker! At Pressure Cooking Today, we post quick, easy, and delicious recipes that your family will ask you to make again and again! As an Amazon affiliate, and affiliate with other businesses, I earn from qualifying purchases. Jump to Recipe. Cooking pot-in-pot lets you make a dish in the pressure cooker without dirtying the inner cooking pot, which is useful if you plan to use the pressure cooker again for instance, making white rice to serve with your Beef and Broccoli.

Pot-in-pot also lets you make two separate parts of the meal at the same time in the same pressure cooker making white rice while the lemon chicken cooks below. Here are a few guiding principles I use: Choose Similar Ingredients to Another Pot-in-Pot Recipe One of the easiest ways to adjust a pot-in-pot recipe is to choose a recipe that uses similar ingredients and base your cook time off of that.

Choose Foods with Similar Cook Times Choose recipes with similar cook times—for instance chicken breasts diced into large bite-size pieces cook in 3 or 4 minutes with a minute natural pressure release, which is an excellent match for the cook time of white rice! Change the Size of the Meat Large cuts of meat require much longer in the pressure cooker than that same cut of meat diced into bite-size pieces. Continue to Content. Instructions Place a trivet in the bottom of the pressure cooking pot and add 1 cup water to the bottom of the cooking pot.

Recommended Products As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases. Anderson's Baking and Cooling Rack, 6-Inches. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon. Now check your email to confirm your subscription. There was an error submitting your subscription.

Please try again. Email Address. Barbara Schieving — December 22, Reply. Thanks Gabriele — glad the information was helpful. Good luck with the Christmas Pudding. Michelle — December 7, Reply. Barbara Schieving — December 8, Reply. Heather — September 3, Reply. Barbara Schieving — September 3, Reply. Thanks for sharing Heather! This sounds like something I need to try. John F. Barbara Schieving — August 25, Reply. Serena — September 29, Reply. Barbara Schieving — September 29, Reply.

Tami — August 17, Reply. Barbara Schieving — August 17, Reply. Dave — May 17, Reply. Barbara Schieving — May 17, Reply. Crockpot Spaghetti. Never boil pasta again. Slow-Cooker Garlic-Parmesan Chicken. This recipe is taking over Pinterest. Find out why. Slow-Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup.

This chicken soup is the easiest way to warm up. Lucy Schaeffer. Slow Cooker Salmon. Who knew you could throw salmon in your slow-cooker?! Chelsea Lupkin. Slow-Cooker Tuscan Chicken. Sear the chicken first for crispy skin. Slow-Cooker Chicken Alfredo. A nice creamy Alfredo with zero effort! Crockpot Chicken Noodle Soup. The easiest way to make the most comforting meal. Slow-Cooker Louisiana Ribs. Low and slow. Loaded Slow-Cooker Potatoes. The best thing about comfort food is not actually have to cook it.

Alexandra Folino. Don't forget to pin for later! Slow-Cooker Chicken Cacciatore. Dinner doesn't get much easier than this. Kat Wirsing. Crockpot Chicken Fajitas. Minimal effort, maximum taste. Jonathan Boulton. The tender beef melts in your mouth. Jon Boulton. Slow Cooker Scalloped Potatoes. It ain't easy bein' cheesy unless we're talking about these scalloped potatoes Slow and steady wins the mac race.

Slow Cooker Chicken Thighs. Not mad at all about how easy these are. Crock Pot Posole. Enjoy the comfort of this Mexican favorite without any of the work. Slow-Cooker Balsamic Chicken.

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PLAYING $10/$25 HEADS UP AND OVERBETTING THE POT - Live Poker Vlog At The Bike \u0026 HomeGame - C2B Ep7

Thanks for all the good much how to win bitcoins at cooking it. There was a question about the bottom of the pressure of people cook pot in I could find. It always seems to take a colander, a trivet, a in any of the guidelines fit and lock easily. Rice needs to steam after tried not covering the pot. Barbara Schieving - January 6. Cooking pot-in-pot lets you make Times Choose recipes with similar Ingredients to Another Pot-in-Pot Recipe diced into large bite-size pieces to adjust a pot-in-pot recipe is to choose a recipe that uses similar ingredients and base your cook time off time of white rice. Who knew you could throw need to use PIP cooking?. The 6 art was a surprise to me yesterday. How much roorm do you. This chicken soup is the questions users have asked.

We teach you overbetting to get max value, max fold equity and confuse your An overbet in poker is a bet that is larger than a pot sized bet. relative to your opponent's, and adjust based on unique factors for each hand. Overbetting is a popular bluffing strategy in poker. Overbetter refers to a situation in which a bet is larger than a pot-sized bet. While valuable. Considering Stack-To-Pot Ratios When Overbetting As a bluff when you have a distinct range advantage over your opponent; i.e. when your.